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0 A.D. Tournaments Discord Server is ready


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Hi everyone,

I've just finished setting up the 0 A.D. Discord server, which will allow us to create and manage groups easily for the upcoming tournaments. I know that many players here don't like Discord, but I believe it's the best option to manage the TG tournaments.

We currently have a rating system incorporated, which will basically allow us to play rated TGs whenever you want against whichever team you like.

Contact me or any other moderator if you want to become a team leader, or if you see a team leader whose group you would like to join, just contact them and they will add you.

The server might be confusing at the start because there are many features. Just read the pinned messages in WELCOME > HELP and MANAGEMENT > console (if you are a manager or team leader).

IMPORTANT: Please enter only your 0AD username on the get-started page.

Here is the link: https://discord.gg/QCT7MJfc

We are entirely flexible and can change the tournament on there as we like.

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On 02/08/2023 at 4:56 PM, Player of 0AD said:

What about organizing the tournament in a way which doesnt make discord necessary?

For sure. I have the system with the Ratings connected to the Discord server, but it's entirely fine if you don't want to use Discord. IDK all the functions here in the forum, but i will surely upload all the relevant info over here. 
Now, if you want to take part in the tournament and have a group of 4 people, just message me here in the forum or via Element and i will add you to the groups as well as inform you about everything. There's no issue.
But i believe i will stay mainly in Discord for now, because it's more comfortable to do everything and the database is connected to the Discord Server.
I will take any ideas about the organisation gladly in account. Maybe there is another platform we can use to do everything, like this forum. I didn't did everything in here right now because i don't feel comfortable with the forum, the functions are very limited in my opinion compared to a private Discord Server where you can even connect your own code to. But as i said, i don't know the forum very well yet. 

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