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Separate Gameplay mods from interface mods?


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Hello fellow folks,

shiny is a nice GUI mod for the game. Really like to use it; the menu feels more natural. But there is a problem with multiplayer for it. Certainly, you can already guess what i mean.

If i were to use a mod which only changes the GUI and does not affect gameplay, this would prevent people who don't have it installed from playing with me. I wonder if it is neccessary for all players in the match to have this very mod installed; it only affects the interface, not the gameplay, hence it does not seem like a proper approach.

I will try to put the modfiles into the /mods/user folder, that should work, right? Yes, it did work. But is this an intended solution?
Or would it not be worth considering to have
..."hard-dependency mods" for multiplayer, like maps, 1000AD, new cultures etc.
...as opposed to non-gameplay related mods, which cannot be used to cheat an advantage in multiplayer?


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15 hours ago, hyperion said:

There is a property that a mod can set in mod.json to take it out of validation, shiny most likely does this.

Shiny indeed does not seem to do this.


15 hours ago, sternstaub said:

I will try to put the modfiles into the /mods/user folder, that should work, right?

Although only implicitly mentioned, i had the problem with shiny and thus use mods/user as a (temp) fix now.

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Thanks for the bug report! That's weird.

As the mod doesn't change anything sim related and as seen in the screenshot, I have set

"ignoreInCompatibilityChecks": true

 @Stan` that is also true for the version that is on mod.io

So it should work? As far as I remember I did play some multiplayer games with the mod enabled, but maybe I am misremembering things.

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