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  1. Heyy, I remember you. Wow, that's really awesome. Good luck with that.
  2. We're... what, five members away from hitting 700? Cool . Just felt like posting this, it's... news .
  3. Yeah. English is definitly harder to learn than French.
  4. Surprisingly enough, I've found that people seldom misspell "Sirindu". Once I saw someone say "Sirindo", lol, but that's all.
  5. LOL!!! I must apologize for him, he's been in a foul mood lately .
  6. Could you point me to the 0 A.D. screenshots? lol, I know this sounds stupid, but when I first heard about them, I felt too busy to look at them right then, but now I can't find them!!
  7. We met at Gamefaqs... I think. But it was a LOTR game, so maybe that's what you meant. Anyways, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  8. I've seen and been within 30 feet of President Bush. That was cool. And I've met several band members, along with some more people that I can't remember right now, but I know I have met other "celebs".
  9. Yep, a plastic tree, a red pot= instant fun.... so I've been told.
  10. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's something like "Shining with brilliance" or something to that effect.
  11. Thank you. I PM'd Adam yesterday, and I can totally understand if he's busy enough that he doesn't check his PM every day, but does anyone know? Cause I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't get his name right...
  12. That'd be so awesome, and I e-mailed Adam last night. Patiently (kindof patiently ) waiting for a response.
  13. Thank you, all of you. I've learned a bit of Quenyan but I would never say I knew enough to do anything with it. Biggest hurdle for me (and the one that stopped me) in trying to learn that language was I could never find a good system for learning it. Hopefully I will find a way someday though. I can't write in the Angerthas(sp) however. And that's fun. Anyway, thank you very much av_nefardec for posting here. I hoped you would, and I will e-mail you soon to find out more about these positions of consultant and essayist.
  14. lol. Thanks for the warm welcome dudes.
  15. Hello ya'll. I am VERY happy to be here. When I first heard about the TLA I really was so shocked and enthralled with the idea of it, that I wanted to immediately find a way to help with its making. So thrilled with the idea of this game I was (and am), that I am considering putting aside a lot of time to help out with the making of TLA if I am wanted. I would be REALLY happy to hear from Adam or someone who could talk to me about this. As for my "talents" (if you could call it that, lol), I am very knowledgeable in the world of Tolkien and all things in Middle Earth. I have some writing experience (I've written the rough drafts for a +200 page novel). I don't know how much experience you would say I have, but people have told me that I underestimate myself. I am fascinated with the languages of Middle Earth. I am studying Hebrew which is one of the languages Tolkien drew from when creating certain forms of Elvish, especially the written characters of those languages. And... something very important... I am very excited with the idea of this game and am dying to help in any way I can! ------------------------- A little more about me... I am what you might call a bit of a Tolkien "Purist", I was quite upset about some of the "liberties" they took when making the LOTR movies. But nonetheless, I still love them (PJ, crew, and movies ). Like I hinted at above, I love to write. I'm currently involved in a LOTR based RP here on the net. And I'm planning to write a second novel. I have a passion for sports. Almost all of them. But I especially like Basketball, Football, and Tennis. Video games are another hobby of mine. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. -------------------------- So I hope to get to know you all over time, and look forward to participating any way I can. P.S. (I was serious about contacting me about a position on the TLA team)
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