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  1. Thanx, everyone, for the welcomes! NO, Silenril is not my real name...I guess I kinda made it seem like that, huh? And yeah, I did mean I thought TLA looked really sweet. Well, I'm not a REALLY accomplished archer. I'm decent as far as the sport goes, but I'm prolly not someone you would go to for a consultation on archery. I love reading about medieval warfare and stuff, I'm even building trebuchet in the near future.
  2. Hey everybody I'm Silenril..and I'm new. I thought this game sounded awesome, and it looks ssooooo sweet. Hmm..I love reading, Tolkien lit, of course is one of my faves. I do a few sports, horseback riding, fencing, archery and volleyball. Fencing is the only thing I'm doing competitively right now. I absolutlely love to design costumes and wardrobes and stuff, especially fantasy stuff. I love to draw and sketch different stuff from LOTR...If I could help out in some way with the characters' garb in the game, I'd be more than happy to help. What I usually do when I design an outfit, is I research the book to find Tolkien's description of the outfit, then I sketch it as close to the description I can. Well, I'm really glad to be here, and I'm real anxious to see if I can help at all.
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