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  1. No offense, I don't know you, but moms always say that . What would you do at the Olympics then?
  2. Pieter van de Hoogeband!!!!! (Or however you spell his name.)
  3. I'm still at work... (17 more posts.) Edit: 16 I mean...
  4. I went to work, and forumed a bit . I am still at work now.
  5. Some sort of decoration I guess, we were in a bar when the pic was taking, it was the right guy's birthday.
  6. Hah, I heard about it before, I wonder if it's really true.
  7. Actually, he's more like the official 498th member .
  8. Hello. Hah, Lorian already confused me for you. Or vice versa whatever .
  9. o.O! I'd kill her. Well, not that I watch that much TV, but still . Actually, I rarely watch TV, come to think of it. When I'm bored I usually go forum/msn a bit, listen to music, or read if I can get my lazy @#$% up to the library to get some books . But I've been working these few weeks, but I get bored there too , why do you think I registered here ?
  10. I'm from the Netherlands... In autumn, winter and spring we have rain , and in summer we have fairly warm weather with the occasional thunderstorm. It sucks.
  11. I clean my desktop every once in a while, but it gets full awfully fast, mostly because it's where my messenger receiven files go.
  12. Tell us more, did your mother know? Sounds like a soap.
  13. Ferrari Enzo is my dream car , Ferrari all the way. An F50 wouldn't be bad either, or an old GT.
  14. I got one older sister (19), luckily she studies somewhere else so she isn't at home too often.
  15. Hey all, I just registered and wanted to say hi. Well I didn't really want to, but I saw the Introductions forum and I couldn't resist the urge . My real name is Stef, I'm 17 years old, male, and I'm from Borgharen, a small town in the Netherlands (But hey, it has a castle!). My nickname is Yhagoro, I've been designing scenarios since AoK:TC came out, and after playing Chronicles of the Warlords I tried to join Woad Creations, and guess what? They let me in! They recovered from that mistake now and kicked me out because I'm kinda lazy . I'm still active at their forum though, maybe when AoE III comes out I'll join them again . Oh yeah, I also designed for AoM a bit, that is, untill my cd was scratched >.
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