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  1. yeah could it be made that if a wall exist from two thin wall that are unthrough-walkeble and if there is a character between it, the height of the char would be increased and where are ladders one of the thin walls would be open so the char could enter the wall. (making a picture)


  2. Hey I got 2 ideas.

    there could be tree options:

    1: that players could chose for dead bodys that they quikly sink in the earth after they die

    for people with low computer graphics card or processor

    2: that bodies lay long on the field and decompose slow.

    here it can be that the persons can be carried away and can be burnt and if u do you get points for it (or point systems, I don't know what is used in the game) and metal resources for the armor

    3: the same as 2 but with the extra that a simple version of the armor is staying for a long time

    if u are to late with burning the body, it can be that u get metal resources for the armor(recycling), but no points. and every player can get the armor but not if the dead person isn't just decomposed

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