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  1. Maybe someday that will change when RTS and computer games become whole virtual worlds where luck plays more of a part and location/terrain play a part because of the massive maps and physics combined with computer power.

    My dream is a holographical strategy game! then is my pc life complete!!

    but where do people get the idea that the average persian soldier was less capable than the greeks?, the greeks never really won a open war against the persians, they just get lucky.

    they only won battles by the amazing big stupid mistakes of xerxes

    as did the poleponnesians against athens

    Athens should have won that war

  2. you guys don't have to forget that more than the half of the persian empire army is not of persian race!!

    there where a lot of Assyrians (wich was the empire before that of babylon), there where a lot of Judes who where banned to persian..

    Egyptians where also under command of the persian and the height of the persian empire. Phoenicans where very important on sea!!

    and the Medes of course..

    Libians, phrygians,

    all this different cultures trained their soldiers at their own usual way!

    so you cannot easily sea that perisans are this or that...

    but i do believe that the guys from the persian race where very good horsemen and bowmen

    the greeks always saw the bow as a minor weapon. the spear/javelin was thé range weapons of the time, as the greeks say.

    but persians where masters in bow. especialy mounted bow.

    but the average persian unit was indeed lighter than the greeks, romans or carthaginians. i think as light as the egyptians.

    but light never will mean weak!!

    look to the peltasts. one greek leather, connot remember his name, defeated a meaning phalanx with a peltast army. while peltasts are very light and nearly armoured!

    btw fzerorubigd (can you tell how to speak this out??)

    are there any good works of any persian history writer from the ancient times????

    i'm reading Thucydides and Herodotus now. but i realy wanna read something of another perspective about another place

  3. Name: Matthijs de Rijk

    Nick Name: EmjeR - My initials are M J R. When you say that in dutch, it sounds like emjer.

    Job Title: 3D artist/Programmer

    Joined: September 11 2008

    Department: Art Department/Programming Department

    Job Responsibilities: Modeling and programming ship system.

    Location: The Netherlands

    Birth Date: 11 June, 1992

    Website: EmjeR.com

    Home Town: Alphen aan den Rijn

    Interests: Greek History, Medieval History, WWI planes, RTS games

    Hobbies: Modelling, Modding (AoM, RTW, M&B, Stronghold 2), Gaming, Custom Weapons, Streetsoccer

    Favourite Musicians/Bands: Coldplay, Nelly Furtado, Lennard (friend and starting sing-and-songwriter)

    Favourite Computer Games: Age of Mythology, Rise and Fall, Mount & Blade, Stronghold 2, Age of Empires II, Doom 2 :D

    Short (Long :P) Bio: At the age of 11 a friend taught me te basics of creating games with GameMaker. I learnt very fast and soon I could make every game I wanted. At school I was most time busy with hanging out the nerd by programming on my calculator. When i was fully experied at that, I started to learn python and web-build languages. My progress at that time was slow because I was somehow addicted to the MMORPG Runescape :) . When I came over it i downloaded Blender, that was in summer 2007. At the start of the new year I bought the game Age of Mythology and i started modding with it. A half year later, when searching for references for a mod, I noticed 0 A.D. After some time i joined the team.

    Currently working on: Modelling ships for the game and programming the system for them.

    Quote: I'll looked for quotes, maybe i should start with it.

  4. i can't download the game

    after waiting 5 seconds to download.. it tells me that the page is not available!

    the problem was that Chrome cannot download it...

    btw micheal: now i saw the trailer, i can't afford to scale down the ships... the naval battles are too real here with normal sized ships! i have to find a way to make a crack in the ships when they are hit.

  5. We already have the counter-system designed. It is not a straight rock-paper-scissors system. What happens is each unit gets a primary counter and a secondary counter. They get a 2x attack boost vs. their primary counter and a 1.5x attack boost vs. their secondary counter. It's an overlapping system that way, where each unit counters 2 other units, but is itself countered by two units.

    can you make this more clear??

    i don't get what effect it has ingame... does it mean that one unit can fight 2 at the time??

  6. it realy depends on what kind of infantry! (I'm only talking about infantry)

    for, lets say, celt soldiers with axes or two handed swords... i'll realy choose for 10.000 weak soldiers. since even one hero could not hold 10 axes on his head!

    for the greek hoplites i'll choose for 1.000 strong! since the phalanx formation is a very close and strong formation, but once the line is broken there is a change of 80% for the broken phalanx to be defeated!

    so 1.000 well trained soldiers could easily break the line of the noobs and then the noobs will be slaughterd or they'll run away!

    in short: if there are no formations, it's realy 1 against 10. but when there is order and formation and a good leader, it IS 1.000 to 10.000.

    and if the bad guys don't use formations or don't follow their orders it's 1.000 against 1

    i also realy agree with buggy's idea about mentality!

  7. Oh, and another thing.Will heavily damaged ships sink randomly? Will the ships have different defense and properties based on the different areas of the ship? I'm aware that the Soldiers will be utilizing shields which gives them more attack on the front and things like that so will a similar aspect be implemented on ships?

    i think there will be a random faction in there... but i'm sure there will be som code that looks if the ship is hit in the front or in the middle.

    a ship hit in the middle at maximum speed will certainly sink at once!

    what is your source about the shields?? the only thing i know is that they just used the shields as defence of the guys on the deck or the rowers.

    Also, will masts be damageable and destroyable? And if so, how will it affect the rate of the ship movement?What about repairing ships in harbors and such (or maybe hire carpenters and sailors on board to further boost recovery/speed?)

    masts can't be damaged because the will be laid down in battle.

    i'm not sure about repairing but i think they will be repaired automaticly when there is any normal soldier aboard. since all infantry can build and repair. And a ship that will be repaired when it's near the harbour isn't a bad idea either.

    btw how will the ships board each other? Will it be graphically represented or will it just be a 2 ships next to each other with a boarding icon on top of them? How about grappling hooks and swing aboard like they do in Pirates of Caribbean? Set a plank and run across?

    not sure about that. i'm even not sure how the did in history. in the book of Thucydides about the poleponnesian war, I read about a sea battle between Corcyra and Corinth. the Corinth fleet had 150 triremes manned with hoplites, archers and javelin throwers. The Corcyrians had 110 triremes of themselfs and a support of 10 athenian ships also they had about 1000 hoplites, a lot of archer and javelinman aboard. they charged at a very close formation, so it was hard to ram another ship at the required speed. they ended up as a mess of ships layed next to each other and there was only men to men fight. Thucydides called it a land battle on sea.

    this gives the feeling that hoplites and other man where just able to walk or climb to other ships without entering anchers or planks.

    btw for who's intrested: both sides claimed the victory after the battle. Corinth because they defeated the most enemey ships. and Corcyra because the got the Corithians on flight and they ruined their base camp at land. the last event was mainly because the Corinthians saw thirthy new athenian ships at the horizon, comming to support the Corcyrians. since the Corinthians where afraid of athenain ships, cuz the athenians where ways better in seafarring, they fell back and went home.

  8. we are still thinking about that...

    it would be nice as infantry units realy enter the enemey ship, but also hard to code.

    archers ofcourse stays at their ship

    i hope we can make units walk on the deck and not just stand at a solid stand...

    if you don't garrison men, the ship will still be able to move and ram.

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