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  1. Hey man, nice

    I just made a seabattle screen shot some time ago and I would look if i can release it next month


    Mythos made me ship master so talk to me about the ships system. I just made a persian trireme wich is being textured atm.

  2. this is a riddle with many right answers...

    we only need to guess yours :shrug:

    and i think your answer is that u let fallen your bowl with your two goldfishes Cleopatra and Anthony, and u where to lazy to save them in an other bowl with water. so they choke by geting no air ;)

  3. archers... fire!

    *the oil get on fire and many men and ships burn away*

    Look them burning like pigs. :)

    ok set set the ballista's on fire two so they cant get them. Every back to the CITY. we should give this toasted pigs a nice meal!

  4. Thanks my lord. I'll shall fight till the last sword of our men is in our hands.

    Shouting to the slaves: hurry, the greeks are nearby. u there, some more oil on this side. that palisade is to high it's visable, put it under the shore line.

    to slave commander: make two hills of sand, there and there.

    to onther slave commander: u and ur slave, go get 20 balista's and sationate them on the hills.

  5. sir king, we, scouts, are back. we saw them on sea. they came with thousands of ships. we have been attack but apollo helped us out of the battle.

    troyan general to hector: highest lord may i suggest, you should sed large palisades in the water 100 meter from the coast all over the lenght of the beach and 3 row thick. set them under water. so when the ships come they would sail right into the palisades.

    lay a stroke of 5 meters width with oil over the beach so we can set it in fire when they set their tents on it.

  6. scouts are ready sir. we should take 2 triremes to sail closer to them and contitnious with rowboats at night to come close. we shall try to count the ships they have. I please u to bring an offer for us to apollo so we know sure he's on our side.

  7. or something like ctrl + click on that button will give ten.

    Aom TT has a reapeat button. u select the unit press the repeat button and it will repeat the traning of that units. or make a sequence of this like hoplite, hypaspist, myrmidon, hoplite, hypaspist, myrmidon etc.

  8. I think that would be hardly to make that in the game and gives a lot of trouble with random map scripts

    and what Mythos_Ruler said before, It becames just a square map with black shaped edges where nobody can come. u anly lose a lot of space.

    another option: in random maps the edge of the world can be filled with trees, mountains, sea or an other space filler, so u can't see the edge.

  9. they are realtive to every building.

    there are no straight upgrades for ages.

    by ages upgrade the buildings change in one time to another building. not very realistic. :banana:

    lol we are now disuessing about the proporition between the characteristics of a RPG and the realistic of the game.

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