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  1. @ Alexanderthegod5 - :banana::lol::lol:

    @ Julius1 - srry for that disagreement with alexanderthegod5. just don't like if people always said off-topic even if ur just going a little bit on a 'sub-topic'

    my tactic is making a little army with towers a round to cut off the attacks. then develop a large army to kill the oppontent in one, sometimes two, times. but this tactic only work at computer AI from easy and moderate. and doesn't hold against a expert computer.

  2. srry for the off topic :)

    but what are 'the good World Maps'

    @ Alexanderthegod - srry about the spell mistake, but I'm Dutch and just learning enlisch. and above that i'm a dyslexion guy. and I don't see any spell control button in the post screen.

    Maybe it could be shaped into an outlining of a map, and not just plane square. (y)

    this is an suggestion not an question. and i just asked, how u want this to work.

  3. @ Scipii_Alemanus - to see your processor speed, go to the control panel then system. on the bottem u see ur cpu speed and i'm pretty sure ur computer can run this game.

    it depents on the details of the figures how much u can play. but i think 200 population will do.

  4. it would be cool if there day and night.

    and that the night has specific prefences, like less LOS or slower moving.

    hoplites are only strong in phalanx cuz they have heavy shields and long spears, so thay have not much agility. if they fight alone a light infantry can kill hem easy.

    Way u always say Bumpy if u post a topic

  5. I don't get how u want to do this!

    do u mean that the figure dissapear if he's close the the edge? like a sort of falling from the world

    with all games (rgp, fps and rts) u figures stp if they reach the edge. thats normal

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