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  1. *Having trouble putting my eyes back in my head! Awesome work!
  2. Tim, I sent you one last night, but it bounced back to me...too late to get it in now??
  3. I like mine....closest thing to a phoenix we have here
  4. What sets an RTS apart, is the ability to do all the above, and more. Every time I step into "my fantasy world" it can be what I want it to be. I don't like a game where the path is preset for you. (although, campaigns are fun too)
  5. Larry built AMD 2200+ gig ram Nvidia 64 meg gforce 80 gig hd 40 gig hd 250 mb zip drive cd dvd
  6. I agree...I really HATE sites loaded down with flash...looks cool the first time (maybe) but after that..................tiresome!!
  7. Looks interesting. I could never get the darn demo for CK to install
  8. I wouldn't say "many years"....Beta testing is scheduled for December 2004. Not that far away
  9. You know what would be kewl? Avatars from the game's units...
  10. Have to say the roach, can't kill it with a thousand lines of code.
  11. Best way to play IMO. Ken (TheRealDeal), my father in-law, and I have played this way many times....Beats getting your butt kicked alone
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