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  1. If it's similar to the phpbb currency mod, admins do have the ability to fine.
  2. I think the currency is going to promote LOTS of spam...
  3. Ya, these work a LOT better than the ones I had set up. Had to go to the main home page to switch NOT GOOD! These work!
  4. We bought ME for two of our comps here at home when it first came out. On one, it ran perfect, the other, bug city! Blue screen of death everytime we turned around..the two machines were virtual identical, hardware and software..maintained the same, etc. Upgraded both to XP, no more problems....I've had XP for about 3 months before release, NOT ONE BLUE SCREEN!! That's says a LOT about an OS!
  5. Age of Empires is what hooked me on RTS. AoK expanded on it. AoM took it to new limits. What I like most about AoM is the tasking system and the 3d world (rotating map)
  6. Thanks, Ken for the warm introduction. Thanks Jason for allowing me to be a part of this awesome project. I look forward to the challenge.
  7. It really comes down to market...how big of a market are you shooting for...I'd say go for as large of one as you are able to..get thd product to the masses
  8. Name is Phoenix-dragonslayer. Very nice site...look forward to seeing the new 0 A.D. web We have a (at the moment) small fan site for 0 A.D. on our clan site. You can find it from our main page http://phoenixclan.biz Good day all
  9. Okay, thanks...ran conversion with no problems
  10. How is BSD working out as a server for you??
  11. How about a php page where people can choose their own "theme" for the page?
  12. Question, if I run the converter, does the phpbb board remain in tact? I want to convert and test before switching?
  13. Jason tells me you may be able to point me in the right direction for a converter to move threads, members, etc. from phpBB to Invision boards? Could you e-mail me the link, or post it here? Thinking of using IVB Thanks!!!! phoenix-dragonslayer@phoenixclan.biz Strange, I used caps in your name and it changed to lowercase? IVB feature/bug?
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