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  1. How do you become a forum gardian administrater ect......?
  2. Spring?????? More like summer, it was about 73 in the shade.
  3. I agree, (and I know the number one guy!) I like the idea of Rome being in it.
  4. Yep, got homework today. Though it's not as bad as piblic school.
  5. Sorry Stugin2000, is my brother, and uppy is my sister.
  6. Congrats to TheCobra1, Stouginsurgin2000, and uppy for there new dog. It's a great dane!
  7. Thats right Jason would never delete all your pms.
  8. I think Mel Gibson mad about half a billion or more on it.
  9. Does that by any chance have to do with haloween its self?
  10. Ok guy's maybe we can still fool him.
  11. Cool, my brothers birthday is the last day of the year.
  12. You should go to bed. I can't believe that people around here go to bed around 1 or 2 in the morning!
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