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  1. Why don't you convert it into lasso cavalry or special function for cavalry archer? Since Nomads like Parthians, Scythians and Huns use lasso against their enemy.
  2. Awesome. Soon we will see a fully function Suebi in 0AD.
  3. Imperial Academy? How about Imperial Barracks? I have a question about these Imperial Guards, are they field army? or just palace guard served to protect the Imperial capital and the Imperial government?
  4. How about Greek Mercenaries and Phoenician Marines?
  5. For pragmatism and historical accuracy, the Greeks Mercenaries perform better in combat and frequently mentioned by ancient historians. i know It's monotonous but it is a fact Persians prefer Greek Mercenaries instead of local levies or raising a new infantry corps (Kardakes).
  6. How about Greek Mercenaries? Since it is a fact that Persians prefer to employ Greek Mercenaries against any foreign adversaries (domestic rebellion).
  7. An article regarding Legionary Guardsman or Lanciarius, hopefully it helps your team. http://lukeuedasarson.com/Lanciarii.html I found this part useful for your team: The first instance of a soldier termed a lanciarius in Latin seems to come from the gravestone of Aurelius Mucianus, a soldier from Legio II Parthica, where he is described as a 'Discens Lanchiari(....)' on his headstone in Apamea dated to the early 3rd century AD, ie. a "trainee lanciarius". This man's tombstone is illustrated in J.C.Balty's "Apamea in Syria in the Second and Third Centuries A.D." in the Journal of Roman Studies, 78 (1988), 91-104, along with a discussion on the dating of the gravestone. Apamea was a Greek-speaking area, hence the hybrid spelling used; and he is shown holding 5 large javelins - ie. lanceae, in his right hand, while his left hand bears a shield. The shield appears to be oval (a foreshortened round shield can not be ruled out however), with a central round boss, and its small size would well fit the light infantry hypothesis. However, it can be readily seen that the other numerous gravestones from Apamea showing (non-lanciarii) legionaries who carry shields have them depicted the same small size, so the conclusion that the size of the shield as depicted is much smaller than real-life is unavoidable, and it is in all likelyhood no different from any other legionary shield. This man's position in Legio II Parthica makes it plain that, at least at this date, lanciarii were drawn from the ranks of the legionaries; his almost unique tombstone amongst many dozens indicates that the limited numbers of lanciarii attested in Josephus and Arrian - one or two hundred in a force of many thousands, continued into the 3rd century. In addition to Mucianus, one other lanciarius, not a discens, also has a tombstone at Apamea; he is shown holding 4 lanceae. Very recently, following discussion of an earlier draft of this article, Duncan Head made the observation that the first appearence of lanciarii in Roman armies seems to be occur around the same time as antesignani disappear from the sources. Antesignani, "those before the standards", undoubtably formed part of the standard heavy infantry line of battle in the Punic wars (eg. Livy 23.29.3), but they seem to have taken on some of the roles of the former light infantry (velites) as the 1st century BC progressed - when the velites themselves finally disappeared from the scene. Most notably in Caesar, they can be found supporting cavalry, seizing advanced positions etc. There is some evidence that they may have been more lightly equipped than other legionaries, at least some of the time, and in such roles, lanceae may have been more suitable weapons than standard pila. Perhaps this practice became codified in early empire, as did so many other aspects of the Roman military. In this case, we might well not only conclude that lanciarii were legionary light infantry, but that they were merely an old troop-type under a new name.
  8. Don't be mad at me, for a moment i thought it was awesome to have legionaries recruited at the beginning of the game. But limiting numbers of the barracks and Auxiliaries is somewhat counterintuitive. My expectation was a little bit different from the team mainly because i thought team may allow player to recruit Auxiliaries at the start of the game like Rome: Total War mod Europa Barbarorum or vanilla Rome: Total War who have a rather strict rules and regulations on what troops a player was allowed in the early phase of the game.
  9. But first please focus on Western Han's in 0AD EA, then you may start working at Eastern Han.
  10. I was amused by Delenda Est mod for a reason: The Auxiliaries wasn't the mainstay of the Imperial Roman army and i don't understand the logic behind the team's decision. I hope someone could explain to me why the team believe this is the best way to represent the Imperial Romans.
  11. Stick to the current timeframe! Do not deviate from it! I prefer the team stay focus on Western Han era instead of Eastern Han/Three Kingdoms era.
  12. Hi, I'm new here. I'm a new player of 0AD and i have some suggestion regarding the Romans. I suggest the team add Senate into Roman building roster and new policy tech for the Romans. New policy tech such as Marian Reforms (military), Latifundium (agriculture/military) and Julian Calendar (agriculture). New unit upgrades and heroes as a means to improve the Roman civilization. Marian Reforms in 0AD should be a T3 policy tech that transform all current Roman unit roster into Marian unit roster. Hastatus to Legionarius, Velites to Antesignani (Skirmisher), Triarius to Antesignani (Spearman), Eques Romanus to Eques Auxilum (Cavalry Spearman) and Eques Socius to Eques Auxilium (Cavalry Skirmisher), Extraordinarius to Legionarius Evocatus and Eques Consulares to Eques Praetoriani (Marian era). Latifundium tech as a means to increase the field harvest rate in the same time unlocks Marian Reform, while Julian Calendar replace fertilizer tech for the Romans. I hope the team find my suggestion useful, thank you.
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