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  1. Source: Medieval Warfare V1.3 https://www.karwansaraypublishers.com/products/mw-issue-vi-3
  2. If you mean war elephants, it was the Romans and the Arabs that mentioned about Persian war elephants. 5th century AD depiction of war elephant. It was found in Huqoq, a Roman Jewish village in ancient Galilea. Ammianus Marcellinus mentioned armored elephants deployed against Julian the Apostate, but i should remind you it's rare to deploy armored elephants so Persian war elephant should have a customization option for each war elephants as a means to portray historical accuracy.
  3. An article regarding elephants in Sasanian army from Encyclipedia Iranica https://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/elephant-ii-sasanian-army
  4. Persians preferable method of siege warfare: siege mine, siege tower, siege ladder. Siege weapons like onager and ballista was used but not mangonel (due to Delenda Est timeline). Rare tactics, units or strategem: chemical warfare (although i heard they are among the first to use explosives during Bahram Chobin's assault on Hephthalites camp), Elephants (psycholgical effect, pioneering or engineering but usually logistics related tasks).
  5. Parthian helmet, used by the warriors of Surena in the battle of Carrhae. Late Parthian/ early Sassanian helmet and horse barding
  6. Helmet for cavalryman I've seen Ammianus Marcellinus mentioned well armed soldiers firing arrows from the city walls when Julian the Apostate attacks Persian cities. I've came across with Professor Mohsen Zakeri that a certain Marzban (margrave) employ Sughdian mercenaries to defend the walls of a certain Georgian city. Photo from Eran ud Turan
  7. The Shahanshah was wearing a long sleeved hauberk, meanwhile the trooper's armor consists of cheires (arm guard), helmet, neck guard, hauberk and a cuirass and a tunic. Meanwhile the horse wears no armor at all.
  8. Sassanian archer basic: reuse spearman skin, bow and a quiver of arrows. Sassanian archer advanced: reuse spearman skin with helmet and hauberk, bow and a quiver of arrows. Sassanian archer elite: armed like a dismounted cavalryman. cavalry helmet, hauberk, bow, wicker buckler and a quiver of arrows.
  9. The rank and file Sassanian infantry (swordsman and spear man) should look like the infantryman that carries spear and wicker shield in the picture. Swordsman Basic: mail coif, hauberk, short sword and wicker shield. Swordsman Advanced: ridge helmet, hauberk, short sword and wicker shield. Swordsman Elite: ridge helmet, hauberk, short sword and buckler. Spearman Basic: unarmored, long spear and wicker shield (My suggestion: reuse 0 AD spara texture) Spearman Advanced: mail coif, hauberk, long spear and wicker shield (My suggestion: reuse 0 AD spara texture, DO NOT use Osprey's Sassanid shield!) Spearman Elite: ridge helmet, hauberk, long spear and wicker shield. I will talk about Sassanian archer and mercenaries next time due to time constraint, goodbye.
  10. Diving deep into Sassanian military stuffs is no easy task, i need some time to explore when a lot of information is contradicting against each other. Sassanians seems to prefer mining and siege towers when they conduct siege warfare, therefore i suggest Delenda Est team to consider sword auxiliary unit. The appearance of this particular troop should have: 1. A helmet (ridge helmet) or mail coif 2. A mail hauberk 3. A wicker shield/buckler.
  11. What about the navy? Siege weapons?
  12. Siege of Dura Europos by Aemilianvs (Deviantart) https://www.deviantart.com/amelianvs/gallery/all
  13. https://www.deviantart.com/gaiiten/gallery/all?page=3 https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?290916-Sassanid-Faction
  14. Unit design from an older mod for Barbarian Invasion. For further info, please visit Total War Center Restitutor Orbis mod.
  15. Gaiiten_unit_sassanid_levy_spearman_D8.tga.dds Gaiiten_unit_vaspuragan_payghan_parsasahr_D.tga.dds Gaiiten_unit_daylami_skirmisher_D2.tga.dds Gaiiten_unit_daylami_hillmen_3D.tga.dds daylami_skirmisher_info.tga
  16. More Infantry photos Daylami mercenaries
  17. Armour of a Sassanian warrior. (Photo from Nadeem/Eran ud Turan) Pustigban Salar by Joan Francesc Oliveras Pallerols Early Sasanian double-handed sword
  18. Parthian army Cavalry Aswar-I Zrehgan Aswar-I Kamanan Infantry Nezagdar (Spearman) Kamandar (Archer) Taparan (Axeman) Champion Cavalry Grivpanvar (Clibanarii) Mercenaries Kofyaren-I Verekhana (Hyrcanian Raider, can be upgrade into Daylami Warrior) Artestar-I Daylamig (Daylami Warrior)
  19. But what about the Parthians? Is there any plans to include them in Delenda Est?
  20. Alternative options: (For Delenda Est only) Cavalry Aswar-I Zrehgan (Azadan, later Dehqan) Aswar-I Kamanan (Dehqan) Champion cavalry Zhayedan (Immortals) Pilban (Armoured War Elephant) Infantry Kamandar (Archer) Nezagdar (Spearman) Artestar-I Eransahr (Dismounted Sassanian Cavalry) Champion infantry Artestar-I Zhayedan (Dismounted Immortal) Kamandar-I Shahvar (Royal Archer)
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