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  1. So, you will use 0 A.D. for game about civilizations of 500 A.D?Ok, never mind.
  2. 0 A.D: Empires Besieged - it will be a new chapter of 0 A.D? P. S. Since I have never been a developer and this is none of my business, nevertheless I would like to suggest you to swap the words in the name of the game before the project leaves alpha testing. How about to make "Empire Assedant" main title and 0 A.D. secondary? Just like Anno series: Anno 1404, Anno 1701. It could sound like Empire Assedant: 0 A.D., Empire Assedant: 500 A.D. or Empire Assedant: Ab urbe condita? I think Empire Ascedant is more universal name just like Age of Empires 1/2/3/4 and it will be the best for starting your recognizable franchise line.
  3. I mean offline in-game Manual. BTW, will you replace Atlas online manual to offline? IDK, maybe .txt version. Something indepensent, because online only manuals are uncomfortable. Wesnoth's in-game manual will the best example.
  4. Can someone explain me how to build a gates that will 100% opens outward but not inward? Can you add some arrows to show right or wanted gates directions? It's just an aesthetic question. And why romans can't build Army Camps at their own territories?
  5. Also, can you write all cheat codes in game manual?
  6. Strange, because Backspace works as Delete. It will be good if you add Pause after map loading and before game start. At the "tips" screen.
  7. Very need button to center camera on selected objects. Like [Space] at Age of Empires 2. And [Backspace] for last attention events or something like that.
  8. Chinese music make me sad... I thought it would be something like this.
  9. I download mp3 archive from site but there is not all tracks included. Can you update them?
  10. It's "game grammatic" or chinese really use capital characters for this words? Because at internet most of pīnyīn "ta" use little letter. Wizard Tower – 法师塔 – fǎshī tǎ – wizard tower Archer Tower – 箭塔 (jiàntǎ) Bomb Tower – 炸弹塔 (zhàdàn tǎ)
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