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  1. To de-activate a mod, you can follow this (pretty simple) alternative way.

    1. Locate a configuration file on your computer named user.cfg. This page will help you locating this file, depending on the Operative System you use.
    2. Open the user.cfg file with a text editor and look for a line starting with mod.enabledmods.
    3. Delete the name of mods that give you troubles from this line.
    4. Save user.cfg and restart 0 A.D.

    Not all mods are cross-compatible. It might be that you have installed two (or more) mods that don't work well together.

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  2. Cheats are allowed for this game. If you look into the metadata.json file you attached you can see:


    You can also notice from the commands.txt file you attached:

    cmd 1 {"type":"cheat","action":"addresource","text":"wood","player":1,"parameter":1000,"selected":[]}

    which confirms that your opponent used cheatcodes.

    Double-check game settings before starting a game, especially if rated. ;)

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  3. On 17/10/2022 at 5:15 PM, Philip the Swaggerless said:

    Just a question:  Has a weighting "meta" emerged?

    This question deserves attention.

    Due to the way LocalRatings is structured, this is slightly similar to asking: what summary scores describe players' skills best? I am not aware of any (recent) related topic on the forum; if anyone knows, please link it.

    I personally find the default weights quite reliable, albeit not perfect. Any of the experienced players has a better clue?

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  4. 8 hours ago, seeh said:

    The sorting works great and so does the search. could you save these? so that the next time you visit, it's already in there?

    I am not planning to release a new version soon, unless some important bug is spotted. All changes and additional features will have to wait for a while.

    However, I opened an issue on the GitLab repository following your suggestion: https://gitlab.com/mentula0ad/LocalRatings/-/issues/30. That means that, if nobody works on it before the next release, I will (probably) add it.

    9 hours ago, seeh said:

    maybe I can program that little think too. would that be okay? do you support me if i have questions?

    Sure, you can do that. All are welcome to modify the project at their own needs, long live to free software! :) The feature should be easy to implement, but if you find difficulties, feel free to PM me.

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  5. Cheers and... WELCOME TO ALPHA 26!

    The newest version of the LocalRatings mod (v0.26.1) is attached to this post.

    Major new features:

    1. Automatic (and much faster!) list update.
    2. New per-civ rating chart.
    3. Ratings of players visible in the lobby page.
    4. Documentation, including the rating system and F.A.Q. is now available (clicking on the "Info" button).
    5. New match filter: starting resources.

    .. and other little perks:

    1. Player names colored as in lobby.
    2. Hovering on evolution chart shows detailed information.
    3. More statistical data (e.g. standard deviation).

    Release notes: the attached new version of LocalRatings v0.26.1 is compatible with Alpha 25.

    Installation: see the first post of this thread for instructions.

    Have fun!


    LocalRatings.pyromod LocalRatings.zip

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  6. It likely seems to be an issue of StarGui mod introduced between StarGui4 and StarGui7. Maybe @Sevda can take a quick look?

    It's not the first time I find incompatibility issues across different 0 A.D. mods. Most of the times this is due to modders not proxying existing functions, but overwriting them. I don't know if this is the case... if time allows I can help looking into StarGui.

  7. @seehat a first glance the issue does not seem to be related with the LocalRatings mod, but arising from somewhere else.

    I am not using any of the mods you listed but I'll give them a look to see where the issue is originated.

    One thing you can try to do is to run mods in a different order, 0 A.D. allows to do that (from the Mod Selection page). If this works for you, please leave a comment, other people might be affected too.

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  8. Hello 0 A.D. friends!

    Now that Alpha25 is about to be replaced by the new Alpha 26, I want to share my LocalRatings data from Alpha 25 with you, I believe all of us can benefit from it. Feel free to do the same if you wish so!

    I include a picture of my TOP 30. Further, I attach the entire database (JSON format) for those of you who want to see the bigger picture. Since the ratings depend of the user-defined weights and filters, I declare mine: Score Weights -> default; Match filters -> default; Player Filters -> minimum number of games played = 5.



    Additional info

    • the forum thread of the LocalRatings mod is here.
    • if you wish to share your entire database as I did, look on your computer for a file named ratingsDatabase.json.


  9. Hi everybody,
    no version update here, just a little piece of information from the author of the LocalRatings mod (me).

    The next LocalRatings version (v0.26.1) will be released as soon as the new 0 A.D. Alpha 26 is out. I am impatient to play the new Alpha26 and to see how players' statistics change. As you may know, there will be a new civilization, the Han Chinese and it will be interesting to see how players perform with it. And speaking of civilizations... here's a preview of what you will find in the next LocalRatings version!


    Yes, per-civ statistics. Cool, isn't it?

    This is one of many new changes and features I have been working on. It will help giving a more concrete idea on civilization balance and I'm very curious to see what the Han Chinese civilization will reveal!

    I will provide a full list of new features when the release day comes. For the moment, if any of you wants to try it in advance, you can download the zip file of the development version (or download it manually from the GitLab page). It runs on both A25 and A26. I appreciate any feedback, in particular regarding the new explanatory page, that can be opened from the "About Local Ratings" button on the top of the page. Surely more content can be added and the English might not be perfect (my mother tongue is not English), so I appreciate any suggestion in that sense. Other type of feedback is welcome too. Should you have any thought, feel free to send me a private message.

    Thanks and... see you on A26!

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  10. @faction02 raised a good point. I have updated the last release (v0.25.8) with a small update. From the Options>Charts menu you can now hide/show charts. This will improve readability, I hope. You will now be able to see charts like this:


    New features will appear in a future version (probably in A26). Attached you can find the updated version (v0.25.8.2). The same zip file can be found attached to the first comment of the current thread.


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  11. Just now, faction02 said:

    What is exactly "performance over time"? It takes values that varies substantially from negative to very high values and currently, it seem very hard to see how "Rating evolution" is actually moving.

    Every (x,y)-point of the Performance over time graph has y-coordinate equal to the player's rating calculated on the x-th game played. For example, if a player has performed 10% better than the average on their first game (where "better" depends on the weights set, of course), then (1, 10.00) will be a point on the Performance over time graph.

    8 minutes ago, faction02 said:

    Maybe making some tiny adjustment (using different scale or units of measurement, when generating the graph creating an option such that not everything is added ...) to get the different information on the graph more easy to read could be good? 

    Thanks! Actually, the Performance over time graph can have very high and low peaks, making the Rating evolution graph poorly readable. I will put some option to hide/show certain elements of the chart and maybe readjust units/scale if needed. There are plenty of further improvements that can be made, charts have great potential.

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  12. CHARTS!

    Hello 0 A.D. friends,

    I am happy to announce a new release (v0.25.8) of the LocalRatings mod with new amazing features!

    Are we getting better over time? Is our archenemy becoming everyday stronger? Charts will tell! Explanatory picture below.


    And if you don't like the default chart colors you can always change them (see picture below).



    Further, two new Score Weights have been added: the amount of resources used and the amount of resources sold at the market.

    Finally, Other minor issues have been addressed.

    Download: you can download the new release (v0.25.8) of the mod from the zip file attached to this post or from the zip file attached to the first post of this thread or from the official page.



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  13. Hi everyone,

    I have updated the LocalRatings mod, including a new match filter: the date of validity. This means that the mod now allows to filter out games played before a certain date to the aim of computing the rating. See picture below.

    This is probably the last update including new features before A26 is officially released. There have been many ideas on how to improve the mod and I wish to collect more feedback from users before committing to new changes.



    Download: as usual, you can download the new release (v0.25.7) of the mod from the zip file attached to this post or from the zip file attached to the first post of this thread or from the official page.


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  14. Thanks @woodpecker and @sarcoma. The idea of filtering/weighting replays according to the date has been brought to attention multiple times (for example by @seeh and @BreakfastBurrito_007) and seems to be a must-have. I guarantee this will be implemented in a future version of the LocalRatings mod.

    Besides a new match filter that takes into consideration the replay date, I am imagining a customizable "weighting function" that assigns a weight of 1 to the most recent replay and slowly decreases back in time, according to user-given parameters. Thinking out loud, such function could be linear, logarithmic, a step function or even we can let the user choose among multiple possibilities. If any of you has thoughts / references / expertise feel free to give a comment.

    PS: thanks to all of you who are proposing new ideas, @real_tabasco_sauce, @Sevda and @rossenburg among others. I am happy to see that the LocalRatings mod has raised interest in many players. Although I am not responding to all comments, I am taking all suggestions and their feasibility into consideration.

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