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  1. 5 minutes ago, BreakfastBurrito_007 said:

    I am using Windows 10 home, and the weird thing is that this issue suddenly started.

    Yeah, on the surface it's weird. But, Windows changes over time due to Windows Update. It's possible that after a certain critical update, certain TLS protocol versions were disabled, and others were enabled. The 0ad lobby server only allows certain TLS protocol versions to be used (1.2 and above, I think). This article explains some of the registry settings available for controlling which TLS protocol versions are available. Realize that protocols earlier than 1.2 are considered broken by most security professionals, so adjusting the settings should only be done after learning about the pros and cons.

    Alternatively, you could build the development version of gloox from source, rebuild glooxwrapper, and install it to the library folder of 0ad. Or, you could wait for a version of gloox to be released that is higher than 1.0.24.

  2. What OS are you using? If you're using Windows then this bug report explains why TLS encryption doesn't always work. Which version of WIndows are you using, though?

    You have asked whether it is ok or safe to run without TLS encryption in the MP lobby. I don't think so. It means that your (hashed) lobby password can be sniffed and potentially stolen. Whether it's safe depends on how often you do it and whether there's a determined adversary trying to steal your password.

  3. Now if we can just get the ddosers to stop ddosing anyone, including ValihrAnt...

    It's true, he was apparently ddosed around November 1st when he was hosting a team game. Ideas for how we can convince the ddosers to exercise restraint?

    "What is permissible is not always honorable." -Cicero

    "Though you can does not mean you should." -Norse_Harold


  4. Today, while we were spectating a team game, Shyft_Sierra threatened to commit violence against me. I said nothing to him. Also, I haven't been talking behind his back. He could easily reply to this thread.

    Shyft_Sierra, animosity between us is imagined. I'm merely enforcing the established rules for Wildfire Games on everyone, equally. There's no personal conflict between us. Threatening anyone with violence is a legal violation. This will not be tolerated.

    2022-12-04 Shyft_Sierra threatening Norse_Harold with violence.jpg

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  5. Some good points here. Pemulis, musical taste is a very personal thing. Why doesn't everyone like [insert food type here]? Does everyone have to like [insert food type here]? I tried to listen to Frank Zappa's music several times, but I don't like the psychological and sexual deviance themes. It's musically quite talented and varied, though. Clearly some prog metal artists have lifted some ideas from his music such as the wild chromatic scale breaks and time and key signature variations. Or, maybe they've derived from a common source.

    On 21/11/2022 at 6:32 AM, sarcoma said:

    Modern music is not respected because there is too much crappy commercial music. You don't need to have talent or studies, just look nice and they will digitally fix the sound (or just lip synch), but the quality will still be crap.

    I saw a Youtube video today that explains some of the reasons that pop music is crappy. But, let's acknowledge that there is plenty of quality modern music that isn't pop music.

    Some bullet points from the Youtube video.

    • Why pop music is the preferred taste of most people.
    • Why it's not good to allow people to own ideas. A related issue is software patents, which aren't mentioned in the video, but they have similar problems.
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  6. 9 hours ago, Feldfeld said:

    Did this actually happen? I believe it is impossible.

    I haven't tested it, but there are a lot of complaints of crashed and disconnected games recently. Would you rather roll up your sleeves and help people with the troubleshooting process or do the easier thing and eliminate all possibility that feldmap is causing the problem? What's the benefit to having IgnoreIncompatibilityChecks, anyway? People should absolutely be using the same version of the mod if Mainland TG is in use. We haven't tested all code paths with differing versions.


  7. Please consider removing "IgnoreIncompatibilityChecks" in mod.json for feldmap. It has an unintended side effect of not ensuring that players are using the same version of the mod. This can lead to game crashes or OOS errors at seemingly random times if players have different versions, which is very common.

    I explain here the importance of this. It would help with the troubleshooting process of frequent disconnections and crashes lately.


  8. People tend to use the word "crash" or "ddos" loosely. In many cases they mean that they merely got disconnected from the game.

    Examples of things that can cause one or more players to get disconnected from the game: the host closes the game intentionally (and claims that the game crashed), the host's game actually crashes (ie. an exception occurs and the process is terminated by the operating system) due to a bug in the game or a mod, the host's PC crashes or spontaneously reboots, the host's Internet connection fails, a DoS attack occurs on the host or clients (causing immediate disconnection of one or more clients or game crash of one or more clients), a DDoS attack occurs on the host, unreliable hardware, software or Internet connection for the host or client, or unknown reasons.

    It would help if people were careful about using the correct language to describe the symptoms.

    I just had an insight about a mod that could cause the game to crash or at least get OOS errors at seemingly random times. The feldmap mod is marked with "IgnoreIncompatibilityChecks", which makes it optional and does NOT ensure that players have the same version of it when they connect. There are occasional updates to it, and it's easy for players to be using different versions. I think that people should use community-maps-2 instead of feldmap if they want to use Mainland Balanced/TG,. This is because community-maps-2 is not marked with "IgnoreIncompatibilityChecks" and therefore will ensure that players have the same version of it.

    Ideally people would treat DDoSes and DoSes more like vehicle collision scenes with injuries. When there is such a vehicle collision, everyone waits until police arrive, there is documentation and photography of the area, questioning of the drivers and witnesses, and an investigation process. The only difference is that in our case, everyone is the police, since WFG can't be expected to provide staff for documenting this.

    If you want help determining what caused the game to crash or get disconnected, please contact me via PM or IRC, and I'll help you with the troubleshooting and analysis process. Especially the frequent game hosters should please share their observations in order to help WFG narrow down what's causing multiple players to have game crashes or disconnections. If we can identify a pattern, for example, players with certain hardware have a significant amount of crashes or disconnections, then we can narrow down the possible causes and eventually fix the problem.

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  9. @abdorable2016Thanks for posting this bug report. I remember our conversation on IRC about this.

    Is it true that the native package of 0ad does not have the error messages, "Failed to set real-time priority for thread" in its log output?  Real-time priority tends to be associated with the "jack" audio system. Does supertux within the Flatpak sandbox have that error message in its output or logs?

    Do you have ONLY pipewire-pulse, and NOT for example pipewire-alsa or pipewire-jack, installed both natively and in the flatpak sandbox?

    A hypothesis: maybe in the Flatpak sandbox, pipewire is connecting to jack successfully and sending audio to jack, but jack isn't configured properly, so you don't hear audio. Consider uninstalling jack and pipewire-jack or else configuring jack correctly. This seems to conflict with the fact that supertux audio works in the Flatpak sandbox, but it's a good thing to check anyway.

    Also, you can try the advice that I wrote in the 0 A.D. FAQ about audio troubleshooting (scroll down to "No sound, no audio, or 0 A.D. is the only app with sound "). Try bypassing pipewire and configuring openal to output audio directly to pulse. You might even try configuring it to output audio directly to alsa, but be aware that by default alsa usually only allows one process to output audio unless you use the dmix output device.

    For ideas on reproducing the symptoms, try to temporarily configure your native system to match the audio subsystem configuration of the Flatpak sandbox. That is, try to get the error messages about real-time priority to appear during 0ad startup, probably by installing the same subsystem packages as in the Flatpak sandbox, such as pipewire-jack and jackd, and by configuring jack the same (probably wrong) way. If you then don't get audio output in the native system with 0ad then that's an important clue.

    And, sandbox permissions are different from Unix filesystem permissions. How did you check the permissions? And, you've read through this article on pipewire to get troubleshooting ideas? "PipeWire also supports containers like Flatpak and does not rely on the audio and video user groups. Instead, it uses a Polkit-like security model, asking Flatpak or Wayland for permission to record screen or audio." If the Flatpak sandbox is anything like firejail then the permissions are application-specific, configured in system-level and user-level config files named according to the application. This hypothesis would be consistent with supertux audio working in the Flatpak sandbox, but 0ad audio not working.

  10. Some operating systems (for example Linux) are able to rename or overwrite files that are currently in use, but others are not. Please tell us which OS you're using when you report errors with installing the mod. And, unless something unexpected happened like the game was run with writeable root or you manually installed a mod to the main game data folder instead of the user-writeable mods folder, disabling the mod before updating it should solve the problem.

  11. 2 hours ago, Sevda said:

    1. Are you sure what you are experiencing is DDOS and not some bad network connection to the host? Many people play over a VPN and you probably know how unstable VPNs can be. Some countries just have poor internet providers and timeouts are frequent. On the surface it will look like a DDOS but really it isn't. 

    Always good to check this with each circumstance. I have traffic captures of some of the times that I have been ddosed showing maximum packet rates for the network link of either unsolicited NTP responses or DNS responses from many unique IP addresses. And, people can read past descriptions of the secondary symptoms like a high activity LED blinking on the modem despite total inability to access the Internet.

    If anyone wants assistance with setting up a way to capture network traffic or otherwise diagnose whether a ddos happens, contact me. And, please make it before you get ddosed again, not during a ddos...

  12. According to lobby chat today, two games were ddosed. Some people had guesses about who was responsible. I think that some people have information that could be useful for tracking down who is responsible. Please don't be silent about it. If you prefer then you can share tips about ddos suspects privately with me and/or other WFG staff.

    Here's a thread with an example of the evidence that can be collected and published surrounding ddos events.

    Here's a thread about trying to make lobby bans effective.

    If you're frustrated with how things are going, please contribute in similar ways.

  13. @Redfire Are you able to secondary-click outside of 0ad, for example on the desktop? If not, then you need to configure your mouse correctly. Macs by default only have one mouse button, regardless of where you press on the mouse. Ctrl+Click causes the secondary click, by default.

    However, Mac mice actually have the ability to detect secondary clicks on a hardware level. It is necessary to enable it in Settings. For example, enable secondary click for clicks on the right side of the mouse.


  14. "zeezee" was in IRC today asking for help with 0ad alpha 26 crashing every time he starts it. I'm posting this request for technical assistance, or else bug report, on behalf of IRC user zeezee, who is using Windows 7.

    He said that alpha 25 was working fine. He recently installed alpha 26, and it has crashed every time he has tried to start it.

    • I asked him to configure the default graphics device. He said that he only has one graphics device entry in Device Manager.
    • He said that uses a television as a monitor, connected via VGA cable. The desktop resolution is "1360 x z68".
    • I asked him to modify user.cfg. He said that he thought that windowed mode was already enabled, and he did see "windowed = "true"" in user.cfg. I asked him to adjust xres and yres to his desktop resolution of 1360x768. The crashing still persisted.
    • I asked him to backup and erase user.cfg, since the configuration was carried over from alpha 25, and it might have incompatible mods and/or configuration directives. He did this, but the crashing persisted.

    I have attached plaintext versions of the logs, which he sent via pastebin. Here is an excerpt. Interesting that there is seemingly uninitialized memory in two log lines.

    ERROR: SDL_GL_CreateContext failed: 'Could not create GL context: Ï�/æ¶ç®æµç®á¯ì©'
    ERROR: Unable to create device for GL backend, switching to ARB.
    ERROR: SDL_GL_CreateContext failed: 'Could not create GL context: ã½æ¬¹ì¨æ­â¦ç¾æ­'
    ERROR: SetVideoMode failed in backend device creation: 1360x768:24 1

    Then a Windows error message appears stating the following.

    pyrogenesis.exe has stopped working
    Details: unhandled exception (Access violation reading 0x00000000) Location: unknown:0 (?)  Call stack:  (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = 0 (no error code was set


    Ideas for resolving this? Does borderless.fullscreen = "true" take precedence over windowed = "true" ?

    I think that it's significant that alpha 25 was working fine. What changed in alpha 26 that could explain these symptoms? Is 0ad alpha 26 even expected to work on Windows 7?

    crashlog.txt interestinglog.txt mainlog.txt

  15. This is a known bug. It should be more widely publicized, I think, for example in the list of Known Issues.

    Anyway, check out this thread where the bug was first reported, and a workaround was described.

    After applying the workaround, you can install and enable community-mod version 0.26.2 or higher. It can be installed from within the game: click Settings, Mod Options, Download, select community-mod, instal and enable it, then restart the game. Then you should be able to enable Hero Garrison as well as Persist Match Settings, since community-mod contains a bugfix for the Hero Garrison bug, as well as other improvements.

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