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  1. Building alpha 26 from source with a modern build environment doesn't work without patches. The Linux distros like Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu have been maintaining 0ad version alpha 26 with patches. What distro do you have? If you have one of those then you can follow the distro recommended build instructions for alpha 26.

    Talk to me on IRC for assistance with this. It's more of an ongoing learning and trobuleshooting process.

  2. 3 hours ago, Vantha said:

    I have finished encyclopedia GUI page! Functionality has barely changed, but I designed the UI and layout of the page.

    This looks really cool! The featured area of text resembles ancient papyrus. Buttons provide navigation, including forward and backward like a web browser. I can see how it helped to have the mock-up that wowgetoffyourcellphone made.

    Improvement suggestions based on the video

    • The drop-down box for selecting a civilization is not obvious to a first-time user. I think that it should have a label, like "Choose a civilization: ".
    • An image in an article makes it more interesting and more likely to be read. I wouldn't say it's required to have an image in every article, but I would encourage adding an image here and there.

    Things to test

    • Ensure that the layout works properly with different screen sizes
    • Ensure that there isn't a stack overflow or other type of error if a lot of page navigation history is accumulated
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  3. 5 hours ago, chrstgtr said:

    Don't care. Also, don't think it matters outside of people wanting to debrief a game to someone else. 

    I agree. I can see use of map flares after a game ends in order to discuss what happened and mark exact positions instead of trying to communicate them verbally. Another use case is to mark where to pose armies for post-battle screenshots.

  4. Similar cases that I have heard about were caused by existing files or folders that blocked writing the new community-mod downloaded files. There are three separate storage locations that have user data related to 0ad. I would advise backing up and removing each of them in order to troubleshoot this issue. The logical process is to start by removing only mods, then test downloading community-mod. If that doesn't work then proceed to removing other 0ad user data.

    This webpage describes the storage locations of 0ad user data.

    If you need help with this, you can talk to me on IRC.

  5. I'd like to use my Gitea account to help identify issues with the new system, so please send the password.

    What's being used for CI/CD, still Jenkins, or something else? Where in the web-based interface is the CI/CD system? I particularly want to see whether warnings from source/tools/entity/checkrefs.py are being passed to developers effectively, as it's relevant to the changes to build/jenkins/pipelines/docker-differential.Jenkinsfile in D5266.

  6. Sometimes virus protection can block write access or even read access to files in the C:\Users\yourusername\AppData folder. That's a common place for viruses to install themselves.

    What you might do is uninstall 0ad and then reinstall it as Administrator, writing it to C:\Program FIles (x86) instead of C:\Users\yourusername\AppData.

    If adding an exception for 0ad in your virus protection software, or reinstalling 0ad to C:\Program Files (x86) doesn't resolve the problem then talk to me on IRC after 18:00 UTC for troubleshooting support.

  7. Gurken Khan, you reminded me that replays aren't usable if a savegame was loaded.

    Munch Bar, here is what you need to do in order to help us help you. Please start a new game of 0ad and do a complete playthrough without saving and reloading. If the problem occurs then run the match for another 30 seconds, then stop the match and send us the replay right away. The replay will be easy to find because it will be the most recent one.

  8. 22 hours ago, Munch Bar. said:

    The replays were all bugged and not working

    Does an error message appear when you try to play the replays? Are the replays not visible unless you uncheck "filter compatible replays" at the upper right? That doesn't mean they aren't usable to a developer. Can you please uncheck "filter compatible replays", identify the folder names of some likely replays (listed at the bottom of the replay interface when an appropriate replay is selected) that demonstrate the Petra errors about "incrementalBuilderCounters" or "undefined has no properties", and attach those replays to a post here. This post explains where to find the replay files.

    The videos are not useful for helping us identify steps to reproduce the symptoms. If you must use a video then enable "Gametime Overlay" in Settings, Options, General. Also capture video footage approximately 1 minute before the problem occurs and 10 seconds after. But, it would probably still be insufficient information for reproducing the symptoms, since the cause might be off-screen. A replay is the best information, even if doesn't seem to be playable by your game client. A developer can examine the replay file to identify the necessary mods and their versions in order to make the replay usable.

  9. The video you have posted is not enough for us to reproduce the symptoms. Can you please try to post the replay file that demonstrates the problem? If you need help finding it, talk to me on IRC after 18:00 UTC.

  10. Can you please attach a replay of the situation where the error occurred? That would help us identify steps to reproduce the problem.

    This article explains where to find replay files. It would also help if you would attach mainlog.html. Note that mainlog.html is erased and started from scratch each time you restart 0ad. So, ensure that the problem has occurred, shut down 0ad, and attach mainlog.html before the next time you start 0ad. If you use a sandboxed version of 0ad such as a Snap, AppImage, or Flatpak, then 0ad user data files may be stored in a different folder from the default.

    If you are interested in helping narrow down the possible causes of the problem then you can see whether the symptoms are reproducible without any mods enabled, or by changing other variables such as gameplay conditions.

    Based on the description, I would guess that there is a bug in the AI code if the AI player does not control any structures that can produce builder units. Maybe there is also a bug related to establishing an attack plan if the AI player does not control any combat units. Why wasn't the AI player considered defeated at that point? Maybe the AI player had at least one builder unit at that time.

  11. On 21/04/2024 at 4:07 AM, Vantha said:

    This topic somehow has 82 followers... I would guess at least 95% of them to be bots...

    Good idea. You're right. All of the followers except DerekO were spammers. All of the spammers except 1 were already banned. I banned the last one and removed all followers from this topic.

    I think this topic is attractive to them because it's in the "Announcements / News" section of the forum.

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  12. On 20/04/2024 at 4:21 PM, Vantha said:

    If you want to take a look at the code, I put it on a GitHub repo: https://github.com/indoptogopt/GUI-page-for-0ads-encyclopedia

    Wow, you've been busy. You went from not knowing where to start on GUI development in January to an integrated GUI in April. I'm guessing that you got some help along the way. ;)

    It's great to see an encyclopedia being implemented in 0ad. It helps make the game educational instead of merely for entertainment.

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  13. @Joraikor What mods are you using? I don't see the map "Isthmus von Korinth", unless that's the German translation of "Corinthian Isthmus (4)".

    16 hours ago, Gurken Khan said:

    I noticed you have a bunch of errors in your system_info.

    Really? I don't see errors in system_info.txt. Can you point them out, please?

    The errors that I see are in interestinglog.html:

    ERROR: No placement possible for distance=7.034, minOverlap=0.05, maxOverlap=0.85
    ERROR: No placement possible for distance=7.042, minOverlap=0.05, maxOverlap=0.85

    We need more information in order to troubleshoot this issue.

    • Please answer Stan's questions.
    • Please list which mods you have enabled.
    • Please attach mainlog.html after the problem occurs.
    • Please attach a screenshot of the game conditions prior to starting the match in order to determine the "steps to reproduce the issue".

    If we can't determine the solution through communication on the forum then I invite you to talk to me on IRC after 18:00 UTC in order to work together to try to reproduce the symptoms and narrow down what's causing them.

  14. dependency.png.2c649876ea6e8a8c130a972aba6e9539.png

    Theo mentions, in the video that you linked, how relevant this comic by xkcd is about dependency projects that are being thanklessly maintained for decades. This comic is exactly what I thought of when I first heard the news about the XZ intrusion.

    Open source developers are getting bored or tired and then projects either stagnate or are handed over to different maintainers. This can be a cause of either minor flaws or serious security-relevant flaws. I think that an important reason that open source developers get burnt out is because most open source developers can't make a living doing it. It's irrational to do work over the long term that others exploit if the developer gets almost no reward. After a while the cognitive dissonance, or one's financial or health situation, catches up to that issue.

    According to this dotJS lecture, project leaders of important projects end up with quite unfun, unpaid obligations when the projects grow into mature dogs instead of "cute puppies".

    Meanwhile, starving open source projects with good design, especially when they're important to the infrastructure of open source software, are potential targets for similar social engineering attacks to what happened to XZ.

    What's the solution? I think that free software developers need to contribute more to the thankless foundational projects. And, the commercial software sector needs to fund the foundational projects.

    But, I predict that the status quo will continue. The average for-profit corporation is, according to the documentary The Corporation, a psychopath and/or freeloader due to the prevailing goal of profit above all else, due to the legal text in their corporate charters.

  15. 5 hours ago, ShadowOfHassen said:

    How many moderators does the forum have?

    I think that most of the users listed in the staff directory have moderation capability on the forum. Some of them, typically the most senior members, have administration capability on the forum. A user may have multiple roles, and only the primary role is visible when viewing a user's profile. So, there are some things that are not completely obvious about who is a moderator and who is an administrator.

    Active forum administrators as far as I know right now: vladislavbelov, Itms, feneur, Stan.

    Active forum moderators as far as I know right now: Norse_Harold, s0600204, rossenburg, Dunedan, wraitii, kizito, fabio, Freagarach, smiley.

    Based on quantity of recently handled reports, it looks like s0600204 is one of the most active moderators right now regarding spam, followed by rossenburg and me. vladislavbelov should be mentioned, as well, for handling most of the reports in late 2023.

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  16. 7 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

    I don't know if anyone has noticed that bots always come back to this post to post here.

    Yes, I noticed it. It could be useful as a "Roach Motel" to catch the spammers. Or, if people prefer then I can lock this topic.

    Also, when you quote spam content, please remove the advertising links. Otherwise, you're making their content visible to the search engine web spiders despite moderators banning them and removing their posts. When they get links on our forum, that's how they harvest PageRank for their websites. That's part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I've edited your post to remove the hyperlinks.

    Please continue reporting spam. Somehow we're more effective recently than we have been in the past, because I'm not seeing it as often, and there seem to be less new users per week than there used to be (about 3 pages instead of 6 or more). And, at least one other moderator is apparently removing the advertisements from their profiles, which is great. I used to be the only moderator doing that, to my knowledge.

  17. 21 hours ago, Stan` said:

    Who has the ability to update this linktr.ee list? Can we please clearly mark which of the communication networks are official and which are not official? I'm moderating any communication networks that are considered official.

    My understanding is that the official communication networks for WFG are those listed on play0ad.com: QuakeNet IRC, the forum, Trac, Phab, source control systems, and the lobby server .

  18. 4 hours ago, DGMurdockIII said:

    so people can find play with and also to do more real time development talk with people 

    Are you aware that the game lobby server allows real-time chat and active game listings in order to find people to play the game with?

    Are you aware that official IRC channels (#0ad and #0ad-dev) are available for real-time text chat with the active staff members and developers of Wildfire Games? They're most commonly used for asking for troubleshooting help and asking how to volunteer to help with 0ad development.

    What other problem(s) are you trying to solve by requesting an official Discord server?

    Are you aware that adding an official Discord server would create a large responsibility for moderation by an already stretched-thin moderation team?

    Are you aware of the serious privacy invasions that Discord has engaged in and the calls to boycott Discord?

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  19. En español:

    Si no tiene la intención de crear una partida multijugador, entonces no hay razón para reenviar el puerto de red en su enrutador.* Hay consejos sobre cómo solucionar problemas del mensaje de error sobre el puerto UDP 20595 en las preguntas frecuentes aquí. Desplácese hacia abajo y lea la respuesta a "Error al conectar con el servidor. El puerto UDP 20595 no se reenvía.". Escribí la mayor parte del contenido de esa respuesta, así que si aún necesita ayuda después de probar ese consejo, háblame a través de IRC. Escribí este texto en inglés y luego lo traducí con Google Translate.

    * … a menos que aplique un parche al código fuente que le permite controlar el puerto de red local utilizado para unir partidas multijugador.


    In English:

    If you don't intend to host a game then there is no reason to forward the network port on your router.* There is advice about how to troubleshoot the error message about UDP port 20595 in the FAQ here. Scroll down and read the answer to, "Failed to connect to the server. UDP port 20595 not being forwarded.". I wrote most of the content of that answer, so if you still need help after trying that advice then talk to me via IRC.

    * … unless you apply a patch to the source code that allows you to control the local network port used for joining multiplayer games.

    I wrote this text in English and then translated it with Google Translate.

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  20. 5 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

    Has a  bot name.

    Thousands of accounts have a bot name, but since they haven't posted any content we don't have proof that they're bots. I think that we should have a policy that any new account that doesn't talk about 0ad immediately gets banned. At least one of these accounts with a bot name has registered, posted nothing at first, and then years later posted actual spam.

  21. I am a forum moderator, and I don't have the ability to change someone's forum username. Maybe a forum administrator, like @Itms@vladislavbelovor another administrator can do that. Or, maybe even an administrator can't do that.

    Consider creating a new forum account named GM_Hong and then signing in one last time with _Hong to request that we delete _Hong.

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