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  1. Hey guys, can you recommend me a new game that worth playing? Just a little bit tired of A.D. PS: I'm a MMO game lover, I used to play Worlf of Warcraft.
  2. I used to play it, but now I think lost ark is better.
  3. Super Mario Party Publisher: Nintendo Available on: Switch Genre: Party/mini-games This is for Christmas day itself. Get four people together and no matter what their age they will be able to enjoy a good game of Super Mario Party. Super Mario Party is possibly the best game in the series, and it has loads of brand new game modes and stages exclusive to this version. If you don't feel comfortable going around a game board solo, you can team up with friends, or alternatively, you could have the whole family work together to sail a raft downstream. Everyone is sure to enjoy this excellent party game.
  4. Battlefield Royale ScarFall Battle Royale Heroes Strike Offline
  5. Well, speaking of games, I really played a lot, and most of them are MMORPGs. Now I'm playing World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, it really rocks! I think it's a crucible of soul-crushing grinding and unforgiving combat that smashes players together like atoms, sparking chain reactions that forge new friendships with impressive regularity. But sustaining those ongoing reactions requires an unfathomable sacrifice of time and energy(of course you can buy TBC Classic Gold instead). All in all, Burning Crusade Classic is awesome, that's true.
  6. Really helpful! Now I know how to change the resolution for my Windows!
  7. So I guess Autociv and fgod use a workaround to bypass this limitation?
  8. I'll check it! Thank you for the info!
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