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  1. 37 minutes ago, alre said:

    I saw a game with athens and I feared for iphicrates, but I couldn't obeserve the bug. maybe if you don't halt it works well? 

    Maybe it works well if you right click on a soldier (which will be killed by the formation, which searches new targets then) - but thats not really the best way to control a formation. The H key is very common. The attack move is also bugged for formations.

  2. Another bug:      Chose a training building or a training ship, ctrl+rightclick on it (this will set the ralley point on itself, so the unit will be directly garrisoned)  and train a unit. No "unit-has-been-trained-sound" appears.


    I think that its a pointless restriction to forbid cavalry to be garrisoned in barracks. Barracks were very helpful because you could easily garrison a lot of cavalry in them so they gained experience. Whats the point of forbidding cav to be garrisoned?

  3. Another bug is the behaviour of soldier formations which you stop with the "halt" command (h)  - some of these soldiers ignore hostile soldiers and try to capture buildings, and some randomly try to attack soldiers which are far away, rather than attacking close enemies.

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  4. 1 hour ago, real_tabasco_sauce said:

    really? they have 2 OP heroes.

    do ele spam with best ele hero, then switch into mass javelin cav with the cav armor hero.

    I'd take them over athenians tbh.

    Yes, really. The ele hero is just an ele hero, Hannibal is much better. The cav hero isn't super helpful for ranged cav, as they are no tanks.

    I definitely prefer Athenians. SeLoseCids can't keep up with their traditional hoplites, cheap javelineers and their awesome hero plus sword cav...

  5. 6 minutes ago, chrstgtr said:

    Who knew this limitation existed before this post?

    I did

    6 minutes ago, chrstgtr said:

    When was the last time you saw someone use corrals with inf or women?

    I tried this year

    6 minutes ago, chrstgtr said:

    When they did, did they have some idle inf/women while others were actively collecting meat?

    Yes. As corral animals dont have 8 slots, you can't operate corrals with inf/women.

    6 minutes ago, chrstgtr said:

    Does good game design require corrals to be useful for women/infantry?


  6. 10 hours ago, chrstgtr said:

    Honestly, the collection rate on animals is so high that it won't make a difference on anything except elephants. Even for elephants it won't make a big difference. 

    That doesn't convince me. A low limit on corral animals can make corrals impossible to run with infantry or women. Or can you convince me that I'm wrong about that?

  7. I disagree with some points:
    1300 minimum (league could also be open for all skill levels)
    100 games seems too much, could also be 20 or something

    limited to 3 months might also be to complicated, you could remove that

    0AD is free, so having one account should also be free.

    It's not necessary to let rating decline, as players can keep their skill level over a long time even when they dont play rated. Why not just treat ratings as Lichess does? If someone does not play rated, the uncertainty of the rating increases. After a weak or so, the player gets removed from leaderbords, and when uncertainty reaches a certain level, the rating gets marked with a question mark, so you can see that its very uncertain. Playing rated reduces the uncertainty.

    +1 for team leagues and rated team games

    Theoretically the 1v1 rating and the team rating of each account could also be identically. I think Age of Mythology does it like that. And theoretically its not necessary to register teams for rated team games. Just make sure that your team mates are no rage quitters if you play rated....

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  8. Many hero buffs are indicated with a symbol over the respective unit. This is good, because you can easily see which unit is getting buffed. So I suggest that there will be a symbol displayed over each unit which gets buffed by the Iphicrates (athenian hero) skill: "Each soldier in his formation gets +3 armor and +15% speed"
    There is a new symbol which indicates which javeleneer gets buffed by his other skill ("each infantry javeleneer gains +15% speed"), which is also good.

  9. On 09/08/2022 at 8:14 PM, Grapjas said:

    @Player of 0AD The formation bug should be solved if you update to latest rev. 

    rP27034 (wildfiregames.com)

    Yes it is. Looks a lot like in A25 which is good.

    However another bug has survived: Like in A25, Formations hack down  buildings in many cases if you tell them "go there and attack only soldiers" instead of ignoring them.

  10. I compiled Alpha 25 and the most recent dev version to test A26. So, I play them both, but obviously they share some files. Each time I change version I need to activate / deactivate mods, which is annoying. The options are also shared and the A26 options interfere with A25. Right now this seems fine but I can imagine that this leads to problems in the future.

    Long speach, short question: Is there a possibility to compile the dev version next time on a separated location on my machine so it doesnt share any files with A25?

  11. 13 minutes ago, AirXonix said:


    3. The most worse that I can't quick reset quantity of hired units. Rewinding the counter takes a long time. Is it possible to reset it automatically without exit from game or set the upper limit of the counter?

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    Hi, you don't need to push that number to like 90. If you leave it at like 10 it should be enough. Just hold shift and press on the unit button several times. Then release shift.

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