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  1. LocalRatings are a nice feature, but they can't really replace a team game Elo.  LocalRatings don't only take skill into account but also the playstyle, for example rushing will usually make the number lower. Also, it's highly dependant on the opponents (the weaker the opponents the higher the LocalRating - Elo doesn't have this problem)

  2. 1 hour ago, mmcato said:

    I have tone of wood stone etc but drastically short of food.

    The farms do not yield enough - the fishes have all been caught and no fruit left.

    I cannot appear to be able to purchase food.

    The more you buy, the less you can buy. The market is not the solution. Just make more fields, and operate each of them with 5 women.

  3. 7 hours ago, 70H4NN2S said:

    I have put you in as only available on Saturday. Is that right? 

    Not entirely. At the final day, I have time, as well at the 17th. At oct 1st I might be able to play at the very end of the slot

  4. 40 minutes ago, 70H4NN2S said:

    It seems like the entire E-Team is about to get dissolved. That's really sad. 

    Well, playing with bots was a method to scare the players, i didn't though it would happen in reality.

    Maybe the E-Team can find new players...

    The rule with the bots is still better than to exclude some players of the bigger team from the match...

  5. Isn't it a bit harsh to remove them for not appearing 1 time? Or what did they do?

    And what's the 5th player for? I thought we have now a solution for cases where the team is not complete. And imagine 5 players of a team want to play, then one cant, thats not good neither.

  6. - Restricting the time span might make it harder to find a date, not easier. The time span could be helpful though, if the teams have difficulties finding an agreement

    - i like Alre's idea with the 3v3 and 2v2 but not his idea with the forfait

    - The teams should also be able to select the civ of their bots

    - if a team member gets replaced, it shouldn't be replaced by a stronger player, to keep it balanced

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  7. 6 hours ago, Emacz said:

    Not quite sure where this should be posted.  So feel free to move it to a better place. I play sparta a lot.  Lately I've branched out because I feel like they are one of the "most plain" civs.  They have the least variety.  I know when played right they can be really strong, and Brasidas is a bad @#$% hero.   But I'm wondering if there is a way to spice them  up a little.  Ive had these discussions with players in game.  I know originally one of the goals was to be somewhat historical to each civ.  Of course the game needs balance too, so all civs get rams :)  But im wondering why guals can get their champs (naked fanatics p2) but spartans can't get spartiates until p3 (when from what I understand boys as young as six would go have to start training to be a spartiate!) The game used to mention how spartiates are the strongest melee units in the game.  But wouldnt the upgrade shield barers from mace be better?  Their tech boost dmg and health.  Also melee as it is seems a little broken (ive seen the post on that and plan to follow.)  Would be nice if games were not always won by range units!

    just my two cents!

    No. Spartiates get 25% extra health from their unique upgrade. Silver shields only get 10% for health and damage each.

    Matches can be won by melee units indeed. Its not like ranged units always decide.

  8. 4 hours ago, Buchi said:

    In 0ad in the lobby, I can see my current rank and the rank of the 100 best players.

    But how do I see how many players are ranked?

    I would like to know for instance that I am ranked 2000 out of XY. This XY number is missing to me.


    Any suggestions?


    Check out the rank of a very low rated player and then you see that there are like 50k players in the list

  9. Hoplites struggle if they fight a mix of pikemen and ranged units - if they need to defeat the pikemen first they will suffer a lot of damage.

    Furthermore, Sparta has no champion cavalry so it will struggle against this type of unit, especially if its ranged.

    Carthage could try to go for Elephants or infantry sword mercenaries, if they face only hoplites.

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  10. On 28/05/2023 at 6:50 PM, NitroVicky said:

    I agree the table is super useful, but for me (using default configurations), the resources counters and total population are indeed already shown on the title bar without needing to hover anywhere:


    As you can see, the numbers are always on the top bar even though my cursor is pointing at a wall. 


    Since Player of 0AD insists on the table displaying all data, it would be helpful to have an additional option to hide resource counters or to show them as a duplicate down there. 


    No, the bottom doesnt show ally stats, while the bottom right does.

  11. 38 minutes ago, vinme said:

    25% cheaper siege is a very good bonus i think, one of best in game. 
    especially vs turtle, in effect, it makes enemy buildings 25% weaker, you can think of it like that.
    a metal trickle of 1 per second is an utterly garbage bonus btw, completely useless effectively compared to other bonuses.
    even pto food one, while giving reasonable eco boost early on, is one of weakest.

    cheaper siege is close to useless, but the ptolemy bonus is on of the very best boni in the game, maybe the best.

    One could also think about  a wood trickle for macedonians instead of metal.

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