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  1. Thank you for the mod, the decent size icons are much appreciated. Installing was a bit different from the instructions because I use the flatpak version on Linux. I copied the downloaded file to "/home/USERNAME/.var/app/com.play0ad.zeroad/data/0ad/mods/" and then opened it with 0ad from that folder. This has to with permissions, I believe. Something similar may need to be done for anyone using the snap version but I am not familiar with the file structure.
  2. Well ideally the UI should look good on all resolutions. That said, the current situation of having it look bad on the most used by far resolution to suit a minority of people with outdated machines or low end laptops is silly.
  3. This: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey
  4. I use 1920 X 1080. The steam survey shows 2/3 users use this resolution and no other resolution gets into double figures of % usage. The buttons are too small for the resolution that the vast majority of people use. They don't even fit in with the size of other parts of the UI, which haven't changed in size.
  5. The buttons are stupidly small now. It was a bad change.
  6. The Lobby really needs a choice password protected rooms. Best can do at the moment is write "private room" in the title at the moment and hope someone doesn't join but half the time people aren't reading the room title for some reason and just come in anyway.
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