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  1. yeah I know I can click on them to get details, it's just that the buttons themselves are smaller now and you need more precision to click it. Now that I am speaking further about it, I know it sounds rly dumb, but I really just want the big buttons back bc you have less error to click. Maybe the solution is just learning and memorizing the keybinds I still want big buttons tho
  2. Is there a possibility where I can revert back to 3*8 icons when possible and use the smaller icons only when necessary? For me it really is very impactful because my vision isn't that great and having big buttons is really nice. Maybe I can edit user.cfg with an icon.size command?
  3. OK, i set guiscale to 1.2, but everything else kinda just messes up: fonts are buggy and have random fragments and such. Is there a way to only enlarge the icons? By icons, I mean like when you click civic center and you train units, the buttons for spearmen/skirmisher. Is there a possibility that this would be fixed if I set my resolution lower? If so how would I do that?
  4. what file path would that be in?
  5. Hey, Just switched from A23 to A24, I was just wondering why the icons on the GUI are so small, like the icons for building and training units. Is there a way to resize these bigger so that they are more like A23? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way thru the console or UI to see how many hours I've played 0AD? Also when is an estimated time of arrival for alpha 24? I'm super excited! Thank you to the 0ad team for the game, I've spent entire days in it and I've still much to learn.
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