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  1. 1 hour ago, Nescio said:

    By the way, it would be nice if you could also create their wild counterpart, the aurochs (Bos taurus primigenius), which is now extinct (since the 17th C AD), but was still quite common in Europe in our timeframe; its numbers decreased in Late Antiquity due to habitat loss and demand for Roman games (the Romans introduced bull-fighting to France and Spain).

    it's  planned.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    It's not known when exactly it came into use, but it's use by the late republic is generally believed. So is the late republic not even republican enough?   

    If we remove the SPQR, including the old, original one in game that I was just following, then we just went from 4 Roman symbols to 0...

    Or should they all just be replaced with ROMA?   


    I honestly didn't know that.


    I'm not going to make any more symbols for the Romans unless someone who actually knows something about the Roman Republic creates a dedicated post detailing which symbols to use, and why, with clear period, primary references, and an explanation of what, and what not to do (none of that armchair stuff). I also don't want to make anything that can be misconstrued as Rome II TW rip-off. 

    How can there be no Rome-experts on this forum? I thought they were a dime a dozen? 

    @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded 

  3. 15 minutes ago, Genava55 said:

    Sorry to disappointing you but:

    Moreover, "SPQR" started to be used only through the 1st century BC.

    Indeed. that's why you need use something similar to my suggestion.


    The Capitoline She-wolf (Italian: Lupa capitolina) takes its name from its location—the statue is housed in the Capitoline Museums in Rome. The She-wolf statue is a fully worked bronze composition that is intended for 360 degree viewing. In other words the viewer can get an equally good view from all directions: there is no "correct" point of view. The She-wolf is depicted standing in a stationary pose. The body is out of proportion, because its neck is much too long for its face and flanks. The incised details of the neck show thick, s-curled fur which ends with unnatural beads around the face and behind the forelegs. The wolf’s body is leaner in front than in the rear: its ribs are visible, as are the muscles of its forelegs, while in the back the musculature is less detailed, suggesting less tone. Its head curves in towards its tail; the ears curve back. The children themselves have a more dynamic posture: one sits with his feet splaying to either side, while the other kneels beside him. Both face upwards. They, too, are lean, with no trace of baby fat.



    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    Yes, I know... If we strip everything that isn't exclusively Roman, we'd have no Romans... 


    Considering the Romans actually used Pegasus as a symbol themselves, including for one of their legions (III Augusta), it really wouldn't be a shame... It's just to add variation to the sails. I'm not totally happy with how it turned out, style-wise, that's why I was looking at Roman depictions of Pegasus. I liked the coin of Roma and the chariot in one of your links, so I might look at that.

    Romulus and Remus with the wolf was already planned. 

    Perhaps other people would also prefer to ignore the Roman Pegasus and make a Greek Pegasos for the Athenian sails instead, let me know. I'm not one to ignore things because they don't fit our preconceptions, but maybe you guys prefer it for distinguishing purposes?  

    More appropriate Roman symbols are always super welcome though!


    you are making Imperial Romans or Republicans?

    I thought they were making the Romans from the republican age, not from the Augustus era until the Flavian dynasty.


    • It would look better for a Siracusan faction. 


    Resultado de imagen para syracusan pegasus

  5. Pegasus isn't exclusive symbol.





    you can use others.






    Resultado de imagen para luperca coins 

    it would be a shame if you chose to represent pegaso as a symbol of the Roman republic.

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