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  1. cheap tactic for AI(might useful for vs human too),go to get ur hero severely wounded (prefer 1500 hp),and call him back to base let a healer heal him to full. should get a healer from 1st rank to max rank,since level 3 healer is much stronger and last longer.this cheap tactics can train like 3-4 max healer in a few raid
  2. I hear elephant is scary when they hurted and near dead.maybe a bloodlust buff at low hp?
  3. Yep I just want them shoot those building instead walk up to capture...as walk in will getting FF by more then 1 tower/fortress ,everyone firing anything closest to them can keep formation better.I sometime keep the Ctrl+right click attack ground all the time,and missed a few Ctrl commend result in my troop go deep currently I do this....archer + healer stand ground and ctrl right attack ground.then select those healer again and stop the them(I still press "S"a lot instead of H)they will spread out nicely this way ..my back line would not die easily to any arrow from enemy except bolt shoot
  4. is not ppl thinking UK will suffer(would likely) suffer more in the brexit thing?I mean they been spreading losing trade/job etc/higher cost in buy goods. with this stupid law company that going from UK to EU will likely combe back to UK since it less complex and lesser tax etc.. is not EU encouraging UK to brexit now?and help more nation to have a reason to XXexit??? god how those people thinking in higher up lol
  5. i spammed tons of elephant to steal/kill those barrack once I found out I could stop them trigger new unit...it took me 4 hour on normal....
  6. sorry never push a ram in my life indeed that was a poor soul inside lol(don't think about that suspended /chains stuff when I suggesting,i also thinking we might get a ligher ram without too much protection so it could run a bit faster). charging the ram reach the target faster is huge advantage for melee siege unit(image you charge elephant into enemy building...once you hit the buildings not only u start to damage it faster but also your surface area is reduced >less cavalry /sword can work on you.I did think it might be too harsh to ask for a charging ram . I noticed the game have
  7. that what i do with cavalry hero ... I also feel that some hero got 3 ability while other is a melee only with the garrison skill only and 500 more hp was a bit bad...... we could assume they still thinking what skill give to what hero. imo the worst is some hero give you option to build/train something.I always kill the Mauryans hero after I building enough of his special building....
  8. I was looking for a random normal map 1vs1 Ai and got spammed with endless gaia (when I give up and decide to cheat to see what going on(the map hack cheat I find that AI player was already dead with some tower and 1 TC left....the gaia somehow stop killing the AI and use all unit on me) edit: should add a option to beat the gaia on this map ...I was hoping for something pop up after I killed the last one of them lol
  9. the ctrl Q right click work most of the time(sometime bugged they will go capturing or not return fire even getting hit...) thx for the patrol tips I actually want to know is there some way they will just hitting the closest thing in range and not go in capture anything/or a destroy mode that kill anything even gaia building.lose too many troop because they go in for catpure/I have to keep pulling army back and telling them to attack the next target
  10. I also feel that we not need to 100% balance to a starcraft level .. 0ad seem more focus on history-lize each race,which making total balance not possible(you can make a fairly balance game in theroy like a startcarft game since everything is fiction) an all race viable should be the goal for balancing:every race should usable in MP/SP,it just in some case you really fighting a lower chance to victory due to it weakness is amplify by the map setting etc for a sparta since he really cannot wall up but he got super offensive ,an booming-rushing should be an wild card option for sparta wh
  11. as a new player random this map by chancce without knowing wtf happen lol save loard endless time and fail lol I was like what the hell gaia so strong??/
  12. elephant got 10 hack and 10 pierce armor in my game...? the problem is right clicked portrait information is not dynamic update even armor upgrade is not show however hover the mouse on the little blue shield &sword icon did give dynamic information...
  13. ...god i just found it by accident...mouse over the shield and sword will give updated information.....gg me
  14. I was not too hardcore player,but there many small question in game that the 0.a.d wiki and the current version not match(seem) I try to look up the detail info in select unit(the right click on unit an large unit portrait..It give me a lot info about how even unit work( damage armor range type etc....) as least i don't need to wiki tab out even 5 min... However I found out that the game detail don't "updated" ...when I research upgrade on armor it said all inf. got an +1 to hack+1 to piece ....first i tho it only not affect merc unit...but even trained pike man etc don't have the upgr
  15. I think it ok if the guy stand still...but all siege unit have instant turn even u hit it from side or behind them (the in game bolt shooter and catapult is fixed on ground...i dun know why it can turn and switch target like a human can.and ram should not spin around when hitting enemy from behind etc...even today car cannot rotate on the spot(i think some special design car could do it)I agree on you if you somehow can block a enemy in front of you and charge the ram and hit it,it really work cool,however if you target is not in-front of you like 45 degrees from your original angle you can
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