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  1. There's already a thread about the cinematic function in the atlas editor. At the moment there's not really a guide into it. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22770-regarding-the-cinema-function-of-the-atlas-map-editor/
  2. Actually siege units are here, that's nice, but not really implemented into gameplay (even Spear-Sword-Ranged-Cavallery is not really ready). 0AD is playable, but it's important to take care, that we players don't learn to play with unfinished concepts and try to keep them for convenience, because we just learned to use them for our advantage. These interesting ideas are giving some sort of solutions about walls and siege units Walls are now pretty weak and expensive, beside of blocking choke points and decorative reasons (mostly in singleplayer, in multiplayer not really recommended), they have no use. At some point they will need rework. - by soldiers nearly indestructible stone walls make need for now dispensable siege engines or ropes and ladders to climb and conquer them faster. Climbing walls adds one more aspect of ancient warfare into 0AD for new mid-game rushing strategies against weak turtles: siege assaults. Siege engines are commonly spammed mid-late-game for trying to raid civil centers, if enemies keep up with equal strenght. Siege engines are relatively cheap, powerful, comfortable. Attackers now don't really try to protect, improve some engine by manpower (packing units into it, similar to towers) and then to advance them on enemy positions. - protecting stone walls were built with increasing prosperity, one thing lead to another over time - trade increased more, prosperity has grown, walls got bigger, economy boomed. Why not some economy bonus for walling civil centers? If there is some number of wall-towers and walls around civil center, it can be classified mostly as a city in ancient times. Walls could get some economic use in gameplay, beside of warfare, returning in some sort investment into them. Probably some aspects fit more for mod-making (several ways of balancing economy by walls), but could still exist as rough basic concept in 0 AD. Persians, Greeks and many more were first citybuilders with walled cities, before they waged war about land and cities. Walls were essential for ancient cities and now we have a gameplay with optional walls
  3. When you try to join a game with mod, if you don't have the mod activated, then it fails and shows you in a new window, which mod or 0AD version is used.
  4. After multiplayer game was launched, it loaded the game, but finally the connection failed (lost server connection, reason unknown). It seems to be a new randomly occuring bug after joining. It's like on defect-ticket #5163. Several times rejoining didn't worked, restart 0AD wasn't successful too.
  5. connection between "deleting building / status conquer bar" isn't obvious When building is conquered by exactly 50%, it's no more possible to delete it. That isn't very obvious (probably i mean logical ), then only delete button is disabled. It's more an anti-abuse-mechanism, it makes not really sense (?). allows to clean up few things: no more possible to delete buildings shortly before siege or loosing it by conquer (normally occupants can't go out without to die), no more need to mix conquering buildings and other elements of gameplay Disabled instant-delete prevents from deleting important buildings (let's say temples, barracks) seconds before conquer state falls under 50% or few seconds before incoming enemy, when you finally loose ground and control. In combat it should be up to enemy to conquer or destroy a building, not to owner, unless he decides early enough to dismantle a building. How do you mean assimilation in this context? What is RoN?
  6. It could be a nice feature, to change the way of deleting buildings. There are some unlovely things: - buildings can be destroyed by one click without to get significant ressources, this leads to some weird AI-tactics (f.e. destroying buildings before loosing it), even humans use it. - connection between "deleting building / status conquer bar" isn't obvious - sometimes players are cut off from ressources and have a big (useless) city around their cc, but they would need every little piece of material to recruit workers Building needs workers, ressources, time, why not to make deleting buildings the reverse way of it? Plus: - allows to clean up few things: no more possible to delete buildings shortly before siege or loosing it by conquer (normally occupants can't go out without to die), no more need to mix conquering buildings and other elements of gameplay - allows recycling as new ressource income (needs worker, time), more options&fun for players in some situations Minus: - connection hitpoints and recycling a bit tricky to prevent abuse (recycling full damaged buildings, repair ability, .. ) -> possibility to make sink down the building only by owner (reverse of building it): during this action no functionality of building, as it would be built completely new, but full hp&conquer& .. states, repair abilities remain. Ressources are gathered once building got teared down. Reverse of deleting (building up) could be made possible for case owner switches fast.
  7. Alpha 24 XXIV Romans adapted many of Greece and other civilizations, it lead them to domination of the last ancient era, before Middle Age was born. Not many ancients books (and knowledge) survived those times But at least enough for the following age and peoples found other ways to live
  8. What about to add a new vision system (thought for night maps)? View range will there be bound to units or fireplaces, not specifical to buildings. Few units with torches could allow to increase view range (probably could be used one time later for to burn down buildings).
  9. Tribute wagon, more phases, that's all very inspiring Tribute right now is fast and direct, simple mouse-click (or touch on touchscreen). Tribute wagon is slow, can be lost by capture and takes some time for one way, but instead could multiply tribute. Since it would be a special unit, the number of wagons should be limited. To keep a minimum way distance, it should be bound to cc too. The special detail on tribute wagon could be, that tribute increase is influenced by phase gap of the civilizations. Mini civ could be a civ, which can't evolve to next phase. Let's say as a new gamemode with more restricted phase advance, where you need 2 cc's to reach next phase, until more cc's are able to advance on next phase and reach their better elite abilities. Examples: 6 players - everytime two cc's can advance to next phase (I > II, II > III) step 1: two phase I cc's reach phase II, unlocks advance to phase II for one more cc, but no fourth cc can advance to phase II step 2: one phase II cc reach phase III, unlocks advance to phase II for one more phase I cc (allows fourth phase II cc - after fourth phase II cc, one fifth cc can advance too) step 3: two phase II cc's reach phase III, unlocks phase III for one more phase II cc (max 3 phase III) summary: 3 phase III cc, 2 phase II cc, 1 phase I cc, more players would mean more low phase cc probably step 4: phase IV.. ?
  10. Today i tried too to connect with multiplayer lobby, but the server rejected connection. It could be a ban, as seigneur described reconnecting problems too, or some technical issue, i don't know. @user1, @Hannibal_Barca
  11. I think it's self-explanatory A: "population limit" B: "growth limit" Right?
  12. Barrack spam is industrial warfare, no more ancient warfare. Just had a 2v2 game, everyone made around 2 barracks, except one player managed to build in short time 11 barracks It is a legal way to win, often ends with a clear winner or in rare cases as long stalemates (both opponents high recruiting rate), but this isn't really fun. In fact it's wasting ressources for countless attacks and hard to counter. Personally, i would like to see gameplay more to evolve over the ages (I, II, III). Less barracks would still allow a big army, but you can't outplay others just by citizen soldier mass-production. It would be harder to replace losses and development for champions would be probably more important. Increasing costs could be an effective way to regulate it. At some point, it's too expensive to build more barracks, the ressources could be used for other better options (supporting friendly weak economies, champs). This opens new strategies. Big economies would still keep some of their advantage, but overall similar (small) economies differ less between each other
  13. Thank you for this thread. I like the cinema function very much and started playing with it around. For summary: How to make paths in atlas editor, see.. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Cinematics_Tab#no1 Red points are target nodes, green points are (viewer) position nodes. Delta time can be manipulated later in trigger. Adding single nodes in editor works fine with fn+insert, next node will be added to last selected node (possibility to add more nodes between existing nodes). Tip: move nodes only on ground (x-y, red/blue axis) for to find right place, then you can modify height (z, green axis). Sometimes it's too hard to adjust it by eye with all axis at same time (x-y-z). Now it needs an script editor. As fcxSanya wrote, for cinema trigger create manually mapname.js . It has to be integrated in mapname.xml . The xml-file can be found where you save your files, for example 0ad_mods_user_maps_ ... (scenarios/skirmish) . Examples: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios/Cinema_Demo.js and https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios/Cinema_Demo.xml . For to learn about triggers: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers . Ah, very important, don't forget to add the comma one line above where you add trigger content in xml-file... Start only with few nodes, for to understand how everything works.
  14. I agree with Sundata, that city building ends up often in too mechanic-practical ways. Multiplayer games escalate pretty fast, there's no time left to build a city with walls (even wooden one). I think some reasons are because of the unit system: every citizen soldiers can be used as full soldier, you don't need really walls for protection from enemy soldiers. Walls won't help much a more "peaceful" developing city anyway. Nowadays in fights you got the winning majority or you loose (even against AI). City building can have really low priority, expensive walls can be destroyed by masses of unorganized citizen soldiers in no time, without siege machine.. Houses are much cheaper, fast built, useful and don't cost too much. Don't understand me wrong, i like the concept of citizen soldiers, but it feels a bit overwhelming in some situations. (probably we could do a group of players for more roleplay focused city-building ) My wish/opinion on formations : every formation should need a minimum size of units, time to form, later the peoples are in a locked group with bonus/malus depending on unit and formation (speed, charge, defence, turtle, range, cap, .. , citizen can't gather in group but fight, .. ). This could bring in a counter-system "light" and open ways to divide citizen soldiers more into phases when they work like women without normal weapons, or fight as organized groups. Citizen only gain ability to fight effective in formations. Champions would just benefit by formations themself. Walls would gain influence, they give time to prepare citizen for an organized defence of a city. Non-combatant population could be made an important factor to increase the number of locked groups, to increase the possible amount of militarized citizen, unless you build champions. If you want big armies, you need a big city, enough ressources to afford professional soldiers or special resarch? Good idea. Now we can build dropsites and do research (faster gathering, ..), because CC alone isn't helpful over time (ressources deplete in area). Why not a similar system for to store ressources? If i want to store more food, i need some sort of ancient granary, or other storehouses for different material? (Question: can worker be made to stop gathering ressources if store full?) I would like this This thread pretty escalated to a collection of different ideas
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