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  1. what field needs the most work? (mapping, animating, coding, etc)
  2. hey! thanks for the intro and update. lookin forward to the new Q and A section!
  3. err... merry christmas/happy hanukkah/happy kwanza/happy holidays/happy new years/wooo
  4. Howdy m8, some pretty sweet front page screenshots :3
  5. pretty sweet man. Only crit I have is to make the "0" a little higher resolution. But It's great imo
  6. welcome to the forums totally agree with you.
  7. take your time Just keep us informed
  8. I was on hold last time i asked Mythos :3
  9. i am! haha jk. Take your time sunshines. You guys know how to contact me if u need any help
  10. Of course I'd help! You guys just need to tell me what to help. I just got back from Japan and I have a bit of free time
  11. I'm not a developer, but I would say try for a newer gfx card
  12. haha would give that to my math teacher, but today was my last day of math Great vid
  13. :Dthat will be coming OUT soon? or coming into (major)production soon? Oh, and hallo haha
  14. that hurts me lol Say goodbye to all current generation games, last generation games, and of course, next generation games
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