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  1. nice links, especially the powerpoint But I think there were a few spelling mistakes (ie ragained)
  2. We all get those moments
  3. calm it down sunshine, he was just asking if there is one. He realized there was none and then everyone else started talking No harm done
  4. Marcus Aurelius 75% Hadrian 71% Nerva 64% Augustus 61% Trajan 57% Antoninus Pius 57% Nero 54% Tiberius 54% Vespasian 54% Claudius 54% Domitian 43% Vitellius 43% Commodus 29% Caligula 29%
  5. but you gotta admit, its depressingly entertaining. I think that would be pretty cool imo.
  6. http://moddb.com/ It's a database of a good amount of mods and standalone games. It can get you guys a little bit of publicity, but nothing way out of the ordinary
  7. I doubt the need for land transport. The only thing in the transport field is a naval transport
  8. College? I've taken a few classes at the local community college in summers (past 2 years) but I'm still in high school. [Edit]Mind if I suggest that you guys register under mod database?[/Edit]
  9. oh dear jesus this is a great read great job ^^b
  10. It's pretty unique to see a mod with a coder doing everything and the modellers doing nothing Just speakin' by experience. Added to modwatch, good luck
  11. changing the texture is never out of the way
  12. Only as somewhat as an intern because I'm still learning the trade
  13. Hey, I'm Tycan (You can call me Pandar ( - accidentally hit the "I'm under 13" button for Pandar)). I am a 3d artist (mainly animator, but working my way through with other fields) working with 3ds Max (8). I am a modder in the FPS community, specifically HL2. I just found this mod and would like to support it in any/every way possible. I was wondering first of all, if you have an IRC channel. I made a quick search for it, but seeing as how the search button requires 4 characters, its a little harder. I'll continue searching and whatnot . I'm particularly interested in 0 A.D. and the era itself. Thanks for reading my introduction Here's an example of my work (first person view): http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/4707/brow...erreloadlu2.gif
  14. I like the idea of the more land you have, the more resources you get per second or something of the sort. that way people will always be at the edge fighting each other. But I guess it's kind of a flawed plan
  15. I saw it in IMAX a little bit ago. It was probably the best thing ever seeing that in IMAX. I recommend seeing it in IMAX if you've seen it (...or haven't seen it) in regular theatres.
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