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  1. Will I have to go through a process to be accepted?
  2. The coordinator was active one week ago, but hasn't shown any activity for 0 A.D. in at least three months. Also, I did not receive a reply 8 days after informing him on the issue. Having said these, I will wait for your reply to resolve the issue. Here is a link to his profile if you want to see for yourself: https://www.transifex.com/user/profile/pappasadrian/
  3. Yeah, I imagine. That's exactly the reason I said I do not demand this in any way. When you wish so, it would be something nice indeed. Thank you for replying,
  4. Hello everyone, An idea came to my mind recently, when I had finished a battle. I wanted to replay from a certain point after. I don't think this is in the game, and my idea is that through replays, we could select an option "Play from here/Rewind (Or something similiar)". This is not a demand, it's rather a low-profile suggestion for the near or even far future if you are too busy with other stuff. What is your opinion on this, everybody? I would love to know!
  5. Congratulations, it must be an honour, as you said!
  6. Well, I am a complete idiot ! Turns out I was actually running the installation again, but I couldn't find the actual application on my computer. What kept confusing me was that both the application and the installation file have the same icon. Anyway, the problem has been resolved as it seems. Thank you very much!
  7. Should he not answer, where do I report his inactivity?
  8. Hello everyone, Yesterday, I started to download the newest Alpha version of the game. The torrent file downloaded fast and smoothly and when it finished downloading the torrent and I ran it, it said that "0 A.D. is already installed. Click OK to remove the previous version or Cancel to cancel the installation.". I click OK and the uninstall process begins. When it finishes, the install window pops up. Once the installation is finished I choose not to run the game immediately. When I open the application manually, the same process repeats itself every single time. It says 0 A.D. is already installed etc. The only way for me to actually play the game is to install it again whenever I want to play and tick the "Run 0 A.D." button. Does anyone have any possible solutions to this? Thank you in advance!
  9. Cool, thank you very much for informing me on the issue.
  10. So, the proper the thing would be to contact the coordinator and if I don't receive a reply in a week or so, report his inactivity here?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a minor question; does anyone review the translations on transifex? In the Greek translating project, almost all (if I remember correctly) strings are unreviewed. WIll they all be once it is 100% complete or is there something I am missing?
  12. Very good guide, useful for someone like me. I will definitely keep that in mind. I have a question, though. What should I do with my starting units? (Note: I mostly use Spartans, Athenians and Romans, if there's any difference among each) For example, women go to berries and cavalry to the animals, but the men?
  13. Thank you very much for the replies, everyone. You can't imagine how useful these have been to me. I will definitely take all of the videos into account and try to follow them. Once again, thanks a lot!
  14. Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated. Yes, I agree. With the game moving from stage to stage, being changed a lot in the process, it's hard to make something that will be valid to read in the upcoming Alpha stages. However, I was moslty referring to the beginning of each game, for example primary buildings (which ones to build first, most important), which kind of unit goes where, (e.g. Women should go to food, I believe there's a bonus for food gathering for men), primary units to train (as mentioned with the buildings, most important) and so on. These things do not change too much, from what I've noticed in the past two Alpha stages. I guess that could be a good start?
  15. Hello everyone, First of all, I am very new to the game, let alone the forums. So, if this topic has been discussed before, I apologise for making another one in advance. Thank you for understanding. I think that the community lacks Strategy Guides for the newer players, I have looked for some time in the past but found nothing. This leads to my request for anyone that has the time and will to make one for the new players, including me, in order for them to learn the basics of the game. Moreover, 0 A.D. is my first RTS game, so a lot of "basic" instructions would be necessary for myself, but others (probably) as well. Thank you very much for reading, and much more for possibly leaving a reply.
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