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  1. This replay is about Survival of the Fittest. It is possible to survive forever, if you are able to survive about three waves and make use of http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3696. Change ["mod","public"] to ["mod","public","user"] in the first line if you can't replay this. survival.zip
  2. I use a19, from the svn branch (rev: 17298). I didn't activate a mod manual. No oos during the game. I shared replays successful with other users before, without hearing this. Maybe you have a mod?
  3. Here are 3 1v1 between me and AoL_Wonox from today. all civs Brits, mapsize 3, mainland Change ["mod","public"] to ["mod","public","user"] in the first line if you can't replay this. ffm_vs_AoL_Wonox.zip
  4. In the end I'd like to see a web kind of trade with evenly distibuted traders. In wraitii's approach 2 markets will only trade with each other (coupled markets). Besides of being hard to implement, my method has the problem that markets would be build in abandoned places. This is best avoided by this idea: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's wrong with double bonus: For a 3 player team in the map Nile it is best to build 2 docks of different players on both ends of the Nile. Now every playe
  5. I would like neutral traders too. I don't like the current bonus for trading at a allied market, especially double bonus for trading between two allies.
  6. You got 4 markets in a square. In wraitii's proposition, you would send all your traders diagonal (longest line and all ressource sold). In my proposion, traders would try go from all markets to all other markets. Like a square with diagonals (just some more on the diagonals, than on the sides, since it is the longer way).
  7. territory is not tiled to CC's, classical approach would be to have a minimal distance to next building (like CC,fort and tower) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is yet another approach. Basic idea in short: More traders on one tradeline makes less profit per trip. This makes it more attractive to trade all around the map. No hard limits, but smooth transitions. Lets assume you got a team of 3 players in a rectangular triangle (Germany, France, Turkey). In the old trade mechanic you would send all traders along t
  8. On current markets: Most of my team games go to age 3 and the market is a key factor to win. In general trading has a higher profit than gathering resources, if your trade route has a higher profit than 36 resources (more or less depending on upgrades). I find it hard to explain a newcomer all tricks of trading, mid game. Let's say you have 2 team members left and right. The best trade route is to trade between left and right, and even better if traders of middle player use it (because both team members get a share). But as the middle player you can't tell fresh spawned traders to use that ro
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