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  1. This is my official status playing 0 AD. As I have indeed being very busy, I did manage to play the new alpha. Whilst it has not yet dawned on me, the minor differences, I have not as yet payed careful and full attention on such differences.... My full observastion is centered arround other things currently and as such, any statement on my side regarding anything of a critical nature probably would not be so accurate. When I devote a little time, sometime, I shall have a closer inspection Ave
  2. The things I design are Roman baths and other other villa type structures. These are not really things to include in the game, but yes, a mans craftmenship is Romes beauty. If I design @#$%, that would mean Rome is @#$% so I do my really best in all things I portray as Roman and that's how it ahould be. With graphics, with building with code, it's all about the time and dedication spent and effort that makes a beautiful Rome...
  3. I have have some designs I have made similar to Hadrians wall, Roman architecture. I don't know if that would be of any use. Various others etc. I'm affraid I am too busy to contribute i'm afraid I really am.
  4. Status update. I still have not played the latest alpha due to hard drive failures and a @#$% load of work. So my critical yet highly credible judgment remains on hold until furhter notice I am afraid...
  5. This is a bit like my other thread "Civ Talk" but only difference is here we discuss Rome. No reason, it's only as I happen to be the creator of that thread I was more Roman than Rome, and so the inner Roman inside of me spouted out like a gigantic beanstalk and dominated everything.... Like a Roman legion!!! Yeah baby... But also, the Roman inside me has made this so we can have a sensible and civilized discussion. Now I further would like to add a little summery for that last thread. As you know it was locked because it halted in my defense of Rome. I was the lone soldier... I defended Rome
  6. That will make 0 A.D. a turn based strategy game than a full on RTS. That's a bit similar to Empire Earth. Your idea is TBS orientated and not keeping with this genre
  7. Why you don't you just admit it? Just accept and say Rome was very influential and gave our world so much. Say it: Rome...... was?
  8. That was the original meaning of barbarian -.- But guess what? Barbarian means "uncivilized" By that analogy you just all admitted that you are barbarians yourselves! Don't you all feel so clever? Amish I have a question for you. Why are you lying to your soul? You seem to lack a point, because you so determined to put your point across and by now you don't have a point anyway. lol I think I rest my case as far as this is concerned. Yes I am a barbarian, in that I speak English, but what you fail to understand is how to be civilized and work on a foundation layed by a civilization.
  9. I know some words here and there. But I admit I speak a barbaric language yes if that's what you aiming at
  10. Fact of the matter is that Amish is speaking so highly of the church and is sticking up for the streakers that populated the rest of Europe and invaded Rome. He himself denies his own heritage and our species glory by side stepping this and thereby telling me that I have no substance to my claims. Amish my substance is Rome. But you have a bland comprehension of Rome and therefor you crave substance you can't have. Lost in denial...tutut.......
  11. I wasn't belittling you... Rome is located in the Andes, near India.
  12. Typical barbaric tone. sigh....... And extremely hypocritical. You expect me to provide sources when you yourself haven't? lolz And dude. **BANGS MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL** wtf is this........... Europe were the barbarians!!!!! Hello? Somehow, it's like... impossible for you to make sense? Holy @#$% dude.
  13. Either your arrogance is completely clogging your ability to process the facts, what's actually going on here is, you all I shall mention 4 of you in this thread have a underline misogyny for Rome. Completely unpatriotic, and therefor intolerant of the glorious civilization that ever roamed the Earth in Ancient times and indeed AD. Just embrace Rome.... Feel the power. The POWER. Let it soar through your veins like and eagle of adrenalin. Feel the exuberant rush of pride. The power is and was Rome. Our symbol of might, rule and law. Fail to embrace Rome you fail to embrace your own species and
  14. Because males were her strength and soldiers. Yes from the middle ages, in the early periods, that was brought to Europe from the middle east. Is this a repeat from the above? You sticking up for Europe, without admitting that Europe were primitive compared to the world in that age. Sure there was a spike of industrial ingenuity, so you could credit Islam for their concept of universities? That's bit like your philosophy.... You like attacking that claim, lets see some sources that support yours Go on. It better be from "credible" sources and not some junk forged by misinformed individuals
  15. Yes I know, that's what make Rome the glorious wonder of our species dude. You don't hear from mini planets that Ra our sun absorbed dust from it's predecessor do you? Jupitar can say to Mars, "Hey Mars, I am the second sun in the our solar system, I am the greatest. You don't hear mars saying "Oh yeah you only absorbed some left over dust and @#$% from Ra. That's the stupidity of your question there. Rome took what it did and used it and made it better. And effectively! People think yeah well ah, pyramids and Taj mahal are wonders...... ROME as a civilization is a wonder in itself.... Rome t
  16. Gothic architecture evolved from Romanesque architecture I wonder where those Medieval streakers got those skills in masonry from... But also, apart from that, they can be credited by building them, what was their purpose and driving force? What drove them to build it? Ah, wait... Roman Catholicism!!! Again the Romans twice claim the crown of sweet glory.
  17. quantumstate thank you for unlocking the thread. This was a representation of history itself in a way. Roman VS Barbarian. In this case I Burzum VS Shield Bearer. I possess a more civilized approach to the conversation, and I try keep it orderly without letting it slide off into oblivion of nonsense, (i.e. promoting progress) Whereas Shield Bearer imitates a more barbaric way in veiling messages with sarcasm with a undercurrent of derogatory. This is why Rome was great and why people hated her outside the Empire. _____________________________________________________________ Anyway, let's plea
  18. Since I have a lot of work and busy hardening corporate servers and stuff I haven't being playing 0.A.D. much. My thread of strategy has been neglected for awhile, but when I get a gap I will bump it up.
  19. That would be like AOE... I think the AI personally needs a serious edit. Not the walls.
  20. Two different generes and design. It's like saying, I own a bowing 747 passenger airliner, can I drive it on the road to go to the store? But in keeping with that question, just imagine if we did have an Elder Scrolls variant in a realistic RPG that took place in the times of 0.A.D. That's without magic and mythical creatures. That would be nice.
  21. Run top in your terminal and list the results here.
  22. Reputation points are the mark of a thread slave...
  23. For the racial elements and sarcastic or otherwise flaming warfare that has been uttered here, and in particularly against the poor Germans.... We not being racist towards you... it's just that... Dudes, the poor Jews you persecuted weren't even that naked as you people in the hot bloody desert for 40 years..... We have put all this under the table like gum, promise. As a naughty school kid would. Kinda feels like school doesn't it? Only difference is we all believe that we the teachers here. *recipe for serious conflict* Battle of the canes..................... Or if your teacher loved thro
  24. I haven't deluded myself. I just refrained from answering your question. As for the naked Germans, yes they did infact learn eventually how to dress themselves, although their fashion sense is a little bit ....woo woooo owooo .... But compared to the emergance of Japanese fashion into the Middle east .... The people of Islam were really dressed compared to the Germans etc. Now, I think if we stick to the time frames as mentioned above, Medieval time periods is not really in the scope of this discussion.
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