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  1. The same thing happens if you hit the population limit,
  2. Hi, Been playing v17, on xubuntu 14.04 (installed from PPA) When there are low resources if I select build 10 units, it won't build anything as there is not enough resources, however there are usually enough resources to build about 1/2 that, perhaps it could just build what it can, then build the rest as resources become available. This could be handy when units are needed quickly. Paul
  3. I am not sure if this is right, i ran top > top.txt and then did ctrl-c to stop it other wise it would just fill up the file with the output from top is there a proper way to direct top output to a text file I will have another go anyway. [H[J[?25l[?1c[0;10mtop - 22:54:56 up 6:52, 2 users, load average: 0.56, 0.33, 0.26[0;10m[39;49m[0;10m[39;49m[K Tasks:[0;10m[39;49m[1m 145 [0;10m[39;49mtotal,[0;10m[39;49m[1m 2 [0;10m[39;49mrunning,[0;10m[39;49m[1m 142 [0;10m[39;49msleeping,[0;10m[39;49m[1m 0 [0;10m[39;49mstopped,[0;10m[39;49m[1m 1 [0;10m[39;49mzombie[0;10m[39;49m[0;10m[39;49m[K %
  4. Ok will do next time I play the game and it slows down
  5. Dragons, monsters etc, could be good, maybe computer controlled but under certain conditions player controlled that way if you own dragons it gives you an advantage but there has to be a price to pay like you need to have lots of gold to pay for dragons loyalty.,
  6. Just noiticed the game slows down over tiime and on the advice from the #0ad channel i have upgrded to the latest build as of 29/4/13 looking at the google search for the issue I have put on my website system spec and profiler information which according to the faq may help diagnose the issue, the spec is there to help the developers so they know what I am running I am running this on Lubuntu 12.10 clean(ish) install as i re-installed last week http://zleap.net/0ad-dignostic/ the profile is from /home/psutton/.config/0ad/logs/profile.txt hope this helps and sorry if this is in the wrong loca
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