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  1. egel. Age 18. If you need my real name just to enter me in the raffle, please tell me, and I'll oblige. And I hope they ship to N.Z... EDIT: Since Mythos decided to give me grief over this, ****, age 18.
  2. I'd love to help, and love to learn how as well. I have lots of spare time in the next 6 months, have some photoshop skills (CS2) and have been teaching my self how to use blender. Also I pick up things very fast and can RM script on a basic level for AoE3, but I don't know your Random Map scripts are anything remotely like theirs.
  3. Nice Cobra! PR sounds like a good idea to me.
  4. I wasn't trying to imply that you did. Only that I'm sure Portuguese Historians prefer that POV, where as Spanish ones probably see the the other way around. Its just a stupid half full vs. half empty thing. Who is actually correct is another matter, and I suspect that it's the former not the latter. But good luck convincing a Spaniard That is not a big surprise.
  5. Sounds like a good idea I'm sure the Portugese favour that opinion. .Undo, you know Gato Fedorento? (Sorry for off-topicness.)
  6. Interesting. Cheers for filling me in on that. Would making them mount/dismount serve any purpose though? Other than looking cool?
  7. I was under the impression that Extraordinarii were in fact cavalry. Could someone please correct me and give a good explanation? Cheers guys.
  8. Gotta disagree about gameplay, but hey, it's your opinion. Graphics wise, it depends on your card, and also, I reckon AoE3 lowest is only a little worse than AoM on highest.
  9. Oh really? And why do you say that?Even on low level it's a whole heap better than AoM. So's the gameplay. But yeah, I 'd love to know why you don't like any of AoE3.
  10. Check my sig for something better.
  11. AoE3H. I was not big on AoM, as you know, Mythos. I popped up there occasionally to get downloaded scenarios, maps, and scenario making advice. I said little and read alot though. But it was when I encoutered you in the AoE3HG future games thread, before I signed up to AoA, and I was bored.
  12. 6 months or so ago from chatting to Mythos about the Age of Antiquity project we're working on.
  13. Land transports? wtf? Elephants are OK, but what else???? Besides, unless you're Legolas, falling off a rampaging elephant is going to waste you. You'd be as good as dead anyway, even if the elephant didn't get you.
  14. Yeah I agree Mythos. That would be good eh. This is a great article. I love it. I must contact Shogun about the boats and see if he knows what they were called for the Antiquity project.
  15. Sweeeeet! I love it Mythos. Looks GOOD. Dude, btw I still can't post on HG for some reason, and I'm studying anyway. Excuse off-topic-ness.
  16. Mythos, could whoever made the engine/ whoever among you is best at this pretty much pull apart the engine and turn it into a previewer effectivley? Like totally change it so that it's nothing like the original, and you can just look at your texture and models and make them move around?. I don't know if this is possible, but it would be worth asking.
  17. Yeah I know. Awesome eh. I hope they do it.
  18. Yeah I can see why javelins/pilum etc. were pretty irritating on the battlefield. And why armour and shields were essential. Kinda random tho
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