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  1. I heard that a Beta Developers packet, as such, with a few meshes, a stripped down Actor Viewer and Actor Editor and so on, so people could play around with their own textures, learn how to make them and so on, was being debated. I say that this is a really great thing for everyone who can do this stuff and wants to play with 0AD, and those who can't, but are desperate to learn, LIKE ME! How about everyone who's interested joins in and posts here to show that the community out here likes this and that it should be done!
  2. Hey Mythos, sorry, but I can't upload anything right now (cough *modem issues* cough), I'm having to surf on another PC, my disc drive died and so did my laptop battery. I don't mean to moan or anything, but currently, I have no way of getting you my shield images that I was messing with, and I'm about to sit 7 exams, so I won't be fixing anything for a couple of weeks, along with finishing my Celtic civ design for Age of Antiquity. Till then...
  3. I'm away for four days; Thanks to you I know have something to occupy myself with, so hopefully something nice when I'm back. (The joys of laptops .)
  4. Being a historian rewuires an awful lot effort too, as you will know from experience, and a different sort of ability.Anyway Pricewise, what's Blender like? I know of 3DS from a little modding experiance with Morrowind, sadly not applicable here, but it's not cheap.
  5. Ok, fair enough. I realise this but anyway...What's wrong with being a historian? If you need help in history/research, that is something I can do, and pretty well too. Some of us (e.g me) like that sort of thing.
  6. So, if we're not skilled enough in any of the categories in the sign up list, but we still really want to help, and we're mediocre at everything except gameplay testing... What do we do?
  7. This is egel, from New Zealand, saying hi. Hi!
  8. Hey Yamato. I just joined too (Mythos_Ruler's idea).
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