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  1. Oh okay. I see how your networking implementation might make things difficult.
  2. I still don't follow what you are saving? You mean like what villagers were assigned to what resource nodes and which were building stuff?
  3. I don't understand what you guys mean by saving games with an AI? You should not have to do anything different from saving a player's game. The AI should just look at the circumstances again when the game loads and make decisions. What kind of stuff are you saving?
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aksumite_Empire Wiki has sources already included.
  5. If Part 1 is supposed to be from 500BC, it might make more sense to include Aksum in Part 2 because it was only really prominent around 200-400 AD or so. Aksum is pretty far removed from the theme of 0AD in a sense, although since they added the Mauryans perhaps its close enough. The states south of Egypt didn't really have a significant effect on classical antiquity. Aksum did conquer a few Yemeni precursors and handle some of the trade with India, but these events would not have had significant effects on the Mediterranean civilizations.
  6. The best thing about SC was all the awesome custom maps. Way more interesting than normal SC. I would like to note that Chess is perhaps the only board game that people make careers of playing and that is because of its social status rather than its innate quality as a game. Playing Chess doesn't make you good at anything but playing Chess. The empire of Chess is based on its historical and social status as the game of the noble and later upper classes.
  7. StarCraft is an APM and Build Order game. That is all you need to know. Brood War players refer to keeping every barracks type building 1 unit and 1 unit only all the time as macro. Its honestly ridiculous. Personally I feel that strategy games should be about intellectual capacity and not finger speed. Arcade-RTS is one of many good names for the kind of game SC is.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only person who likes complicated tech trees in RTS games. Do this and do it alot.
  9. I've seen it before. I love that guy. I wish he wasn't nixxing crop rotations though.
  10. When I profiled GAE the minimap was taking up a ton of time. I just made it so it was only called 1/4th as often and the problem totally went away and calling it 2x a second was perfectly good in the information provided from a minimap. I only mention this because it seems like this problem exists in many games in the RTS genre and I'm surprised someone hasn't come up with a good fix for it that I've heard of.
  11. I think Glest games let you follow a unit from 3rd or even 1st person. But you will find that at that zoom it doesn't compare in any way to Skyrim. The buildings are fake after all, you can't exactly run through caves or buildings. I don't think there is a way to make 0AD support skyrim gameplay. I think that Civilizations: Rise And Fall had a hero mode, with your legendary heroes like Cleo and Ach that was a 3rd person hack and slash. But there was only open plains and buildings that clearly can't be walked in.
  12. Ah this is one of my favorite game mechanics. However there is a slight issue. HP is what mimics this, so you would be having it in the game twice. Essentially low HP works to emulate the case where in real life it would be easier for the healthy unit to control the fight and land a killing blow. But most video games are based on a system where you have no killing blow. Consider a 1v1 fight. The unit who is tired and missing an arm would likely lose quickly. Similarly the unit with lower HP is basically destined to lose. The effect is the same, and its much easier for computers to handle.
  13. Just a thought: Perhaps corrals could involve some sort of growth, but need to be sourced from the wild. So you need a specific sized herd to make much of a value, since you need to kill a lot to support yourself, sorta like relying on interest from a bank account. But since you can only get them from the wild you need to balance getting your production going with getting that early food from hunting. A rush might just burn out the wild population while an econ player would try to conserve as much as possible to jump start their herds. And/Or: If you limit farms to certain ground you will probably have extra space you don't need for the military once you expand to grab some new farms, which could then be used for the corrals, so they would exist in tandem. This is realistic, herds are put on grassy areas that can't support crops. And it makes herding more viable in comparison.
  14. Try running the game with Very Sleepy. That profiler doesn't look super in depth, although maybe I just can't see the buttons. http://www.codersnotes.com/sleepy I had a huge lag issue on my project and that thing made it super easy to find and remove. It traces all the functions and the functions they call all the way down to new delete and allocs and what not.
  15. I beat it in my first game on hard mode. Its not very smart.
  16. I don't have much useful to say except, those graphics are fantastic. Really looking forward to playing this.
  17. I am pretty sure "scripting" doesn't refer to javascript per say. Scripted AI for instance would be AI designed for such and such faction and such and such map, as opposed to generalized AI which would evaluate the stats of units and use them based on that. He may also not be aware that 0AD runs main engine functions in JS, but I can't say for sure.
  18. Someone sounds like they need to play the Impressions city builders.
  19. Slowing down RTS games is my calling in life. There WILL be a popular RTS game with matches that take over 2 hours. There WILL!
  20. I was thinking hard about posting this for several minutes. % armor may be simpler but its not realistic or historically accurate. I guess it makes sense if you are folding blocking and dodging into the armor stat or something?
  21. Well assuming you don't want resources to correlate to health, that is you can repair indefinitely without expending more resources, then construction % can be looked at like health. But if you need to spend resources to repair or build you have 2 choices: One is that resources are all worth a certain amount of health. Then you can assign a cost based on that amount of health. Then its easy to create a repair value based on the ratio of resources in the structure. You don't care about what % of building health you repair. The second method is to ignore cross building balance and give whatever health and resource costs you like and balance the resource value based on the % of the building health you repair/build with each hit.
  22. Many games don't charge money for repair, just on placement. Others like Warlords Battlecry have repair commands that cost res. Glest games for instance don't have repair costs. When I was adding code for some of my more out there ideas I had to add a new set of commands that let you build over time but only if you had the resources which would get spent each hit. Placing the foundation didn't actually cost anything. I actually required the resources to be moved to the foundation but that was part of a Simmy supply line type game mechanic. 0 AD could implement a similar system that still drew from faction resources. Ideally you would have build commands give units a build value score and calculate what % of the building you were working on's total health that was and then multiply that by the resource cost. This would be the same code used to repair a building. This is similar to the spend resource over time systems in older RTS games and in stuff like Total Annihilation and Zero-K.
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