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  1. Glest, Glest Advanced Engine, and Mandate(my fork) are functionally dead. MegaGlest is still somewhat active, though less so than 0AD. You can google megaglest forums or something to find the discussion. So in the identity.js file there is a line: "<optional>" + "<element name='RequiredTechnology' a:help='Optional name of a technology which must be researched before the entity can be produced.'>" + "<text/>" + "</element>" + "</optional>" + I'd like to require more than one such tech in some cases. I'd also like to require Units or Buildings, and Items if I get them added. Lib-XML2 plus associated c++ code in Mandate allows me to have something like: <unit-requirements> <unit name="some building1"/> <unit name="some building2"/> </unit-requirements> <upgrade-requirements> <upgrade name="some tech1"/> <upgrade name="some tech2"/> <upgrade name="some tech3"/> </upgrade-requirements> <item-requirements> <item name="some item1" value="10"/> <item name="some item2" value="5"/> <item name="some item3" value="2"/> <item name="some item4" value="1"/> </item-requirements> <resource-requirements> <resource name="wealth" amount="2000" plus="0" multiply="0"/> <resource name="population" amount="10" plus="0" multiply="0"/> <resource name="logs" amount="50" plus="0" multiply="0"/> <resource name="stone" amount="50" plus="0" multiply="0"/> </resource-requirements>
  2. @happyconcepts This is resources like wood/stone/metal/food or does it handle techs and buildings?
  3. One thing I have in my version of Glest is a requirement system that is very open. You can require resources, items, buildings, units, techs, etc for the production of something. It is implemented as vectors of points or pointers + ints. So I can require an arbitrary number of techs or items. I implement building components as items since Glest derivatives don't have any sort of mesh/model updating like adding a tower to a model. I can set any number of buildings as requirements as well. Can I manage this in the JS files for Pyrogenesis. I read a thread that has posts a few years old saying you can't use more than one upgrade as a requirement, has that changed?
  4. Is there a reason we show units grouped in a garrison? I think it would be useful to show each individual unit with a health bar and even be able to click on them to see their full description as if they were deployed normally. Plenty of screen space to have a selected garrisoned unit plus the normal unit panel for the building.
  5. Performance increases are usually based on program size as far as 64bit goes. So you can work with a lot more data since you can fit it in RAM. There are small increases in other areas, probably not more than 10% speed wise. Of course there is very little difference for the CPU when running a 32bit optimized program on 64bit. The engine would need to be modified to take advantage of most of the benefits that aren't RAM related.
  6. So I just add that to the file to do that? Don't really know anything about bat files. I added it, and after getting an error a few times added the second to address and rebuilt. No idea if it worked, though. Not sure how to check. Any particular reason Linux and Mac are 64bit but no Windows? Just because VC++ is weird and stupid and that makes it harder to do?
  7. @The Undying NephalimCan you make magic particles or are you limited to arrow stuff? I am actually thinking of something more Majesty style even with the RPG elements which would be 3rd person but maybe @Angenhas thoughts on items. The Hyrule thread at least answers some questions. https://sourceforge.net/projects/mandateengine/files/ You can download the PRMandate zip at that link and run my Mandate/GAE/Glest to see what the game is like or simply watch the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MatrimCuathon/videos Particularly the Item video. The game looks ugly cause the faction scavenges models from Glest mods but some of the key functionality should be apparent.
  8. So if I'm understanding right the issue is more of a language problem. There is so much more going on in the JS than you'd expect such that "modding" doesn't properly encapsulate the breadth of what you can do. If I wanted to add "items" could I do that in just the JS section? You could probably just make units that only exist in garrisons and load them from "production" buildings into "units" that way. Could I just give all units "weapon" and "armor" prop points for visual effects? Or would I need to modify the mesh swapping/combining engine code? Additionally for structures is there a way to add structure "components" at all in JS? Could I connect "additions" or "rooms" to a base mod using an upgrade or something. Can I restrict structure placement based on nearby buildings or map features? I have a "Guild" in the Majesty:TFKS style that I want to give extra crafting and unit production options to if it is built "on" or at least "directly adjacent to a volcano. I can handle the changes myself as long as I have an idea of what needs engine vs JS changes.
  9. My personal question just thinking about how I understand the goals of 0AD, is why are there healers in the first place? Just because people remeber wololol? They are super ahistorical and make little sense. Combat healing is illogical unless we are talking about magic and stuff. Perhaps I misunderstood how heavily 0AD focused on history and plausible battles.
  10. Okay so I see a file for health. Suppose I wanted to add something that functioned like a second health pool. I'd clone health and fiddle with the code. How do I connect that to units? And how do you make it show up on the unit data panel? I guess I'm just more used to C++ doing things directly. Both the modified GAE codebase I used years ago and code bases for my grand strategy game have a quite different format for the code so I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what is going on in the JS files.
  11. So about 8 years ago I did an extensive modification of the Glest Advanced Engine to support a Majesty style fantasy kingdom builder with some major additional features. However relative to GAE, or Glest or MegaGlest, 0AD supports a highly superior unit/building model system and just looks prettier. Although neither engine has a proven 64bit version as far as I know. I'd like to do a fantasy Majesty like thing for 0AD but I'm not sure what parts of the source code I'd be modifying. I think maybe a lot of the unit/building code is JS stuff? After a huge hassle because Visual Studios is annoying for every little thing I got the latest SVN version to compile and run. Going through the code didn't reveal many files obviously related to what I was trying to do. Simulation2 seems promising but where else should I be looking for unit/structure code? For instance I want to add some relevant stuff like mana and potentially and RPGesque attribute thing. Magic shields and so forth. I'd also like to add items. One problem with Glest derivatives is aside from the outdated and obscure model code you can't swap meshes. So if a Majesty style "Hero" buys a new sword or w/e you can't display that really. One thing GAE did have was a particle system with lots of flashy "magic" effects, but presumably 0AD could do that but it doesn't currently happen since the factions are historical. Is there any good guide into what files I would want to look at and then modify for this kind of stuff?
  12. As a pretty hardcore Bernie bro who had Biden far down on their list in the primary all the drama here is ridiculous. Firstly this was initiated by Trump. Secondly it isn't like Biden could have called the generals on the phone and been like: "Yo don't leave a bunch of top tier military equipment for the enemy." The military was in charge, not him. Additionally handling the collapse of the Afghan army any better was impossible. They were always going to fold without our support and obviously you can't say that during the operation. Of course they said the ANA would hold on. The UK was welcome to take over the leading role in the country if they don't like the US pulling out. They didn't though so they need to STFU. Especially Blair. All the military and natsec people are piling on Biden because they want to send a message to political leaders that they'll try to tank their careers if they don't endorse forever war. Half the people in the media giving out quotes are Raytheon board members and stuff. Of course they're mad. This was their golden goose. We'd been losing ground to the Taliban for months, they were only holding off on Kabul because they didn't wanna stop us from leaving. The real problem was all the contractors and their lobbyists and the politicans who danced to their tune pretending like the Afghan government was a real government that had the trust and respect of the populace and the line troops in the army. A bunch of corrupt warlords sucking on the Pentagon teat were never going to inspire the people to fight. You couldn't even go at it Kurdish style and arm the women who had a lot more to lose since the culture of the masses doesn't support that there. Of all the people involved in leadership Biden was the only one who really wanted to pull out and the only one who didn't have a motivation to flub the withdrawal. We are lucky he is an old man who wanted a leagacy of peace and pulled the trigger even knowing how hard all the special interests were going to @#&#036;% on him. Not my favorite president but at least he wasn't a coward like Obama.
  13. Firstly why? Secondly, possibly just make a new faction that's the same as the AI one minus the tech.
  14. I'm still working on my game although my time is sucked up a bit by EVE Online and its likely to get worse as my plans in that game advance. I just started working today but I've been slacking the last few months. I'm not sure if you saw my post on freegamedev or not and I saw this had been posted in only 2 weeks ago so I figured I'd mention it here.
  15. I think that they asked for too much. The major comments I got from people asked what they were getting from the game. They didn't care about open source or the graphical quality which are 0AD's main selling points. They wanted to know how it would give them more fun as opposed to just playing AoE2.
  16. The way I understand it the cases in the video are sort of special cases. Basically even with humans drawing instead of the computer guessing what's relevant itself its really only good for particular types of objects that are relatively simple and it assumes that the texture is identical all the way around. I'm not sure if its really as revolutionary as it may seem at first glance and in fact such software appears to have been around quite a while in some form
  17. Its only good to post on forums I already have an account on, otherwise it just annoys people that someone is advertising. Which really only leaves a few places. What's the list and I'll see if I'm on any of them?
  18. Well I made a thread on the Ubuntu forums since Jeru was afraid of duplicate threads. Got a solid one person who said they contributed. Yay. Hopefully getting a few posts in the thread will make it pick up momentum. I see the fundraiser is up to a solid 14k. Hopefully it will pick up. According to my math it has to average 3.5k a day to reach the goal.
  19. Well its a performance issue because you HAVEN'T move all the performance critical stuff to C++. Personally I am not sure what sort of development speed issues C++ has. I never felt like it was taking me a long time to add a new feature.
  20. Using Javascript inside C++ may not have been the best choice IMO. I mean, you are going to all this trouble for a JS compiler. Sure its JIT but, it may have just been better to use a compiled language in the first place. It will be interesting to see if you eventually make it all the way using Javascript and still have top notch performance.
  21. I posted about the campaign on RPS. Someone made the 0AD joke, as expected, and some people made an annoyed comment about being "excited for this game 7 years ago," but at least one person said they would back it so 2 minutes of my life well used. It will be really interesting to see how far the engine can progress in a year or two with a dedicated Jorma on the case.
  22. 0AD plans to have attack type swaps based on range I believe. Although its sort of a problem because RTS games can't effectively model attack ranges. 300 yards on a longbow would cause an engine to @#$% itself.
  23. There is no reason you couldn't add a per player pop cap. Unless you already clog the UI with a lot of stuff. Tooltips could help things also. Its all trade offs of course. Most games can't know this stuff unless they get a lot of player feedback and @#$%. As far as balancing goes, you don't have to do it to swordsman necessarily. You can change the stats and pop cap of a higher cap unit.
  24. Why not refresh the limit based on the selected civilization? Also if you are using a pop cap this is a poor way to do it. Instead the value of units should be assigned to cause the correct numbers of units on each side rather than directly modifying the population cap.
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