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  1. I totally read all of that topic for no reason at all @.@
  2. I usually have the option to, but having them use less resources by using the market would indeed be better, while I also like to sit around to see how long I can last before I force myself to attack.
  3. you don't have to have any steam games to download the client.. Steampowered.com, Install is at the top right, all it is is a game overlay which connects the net together, it also is a convince system that takes in some games in exchange for profits, etc. At the least it could be used like a typical Messenger client like MSN, skype, etc. for example, tell me your username and ill add you, there i can explain step by step via voice communication through the steam clients IM'in system
  4. Need to add in the ability to use the market for the bots as a top priority, that way their attacks can continue even when a lot of resources are gone, or for when your a tiny map..
  5. I have recently added a thread sort of for steam, and i also created a group so that anyone using steam can find each other
  6. Best way to make it lag considerably less, is to turn off shadows, only play against 1 other player, and don't play on maps with large amounts of water (such as islands, etc ) Apparantly, from what i've gathered, it may be in march? :X
  7. @ Enrique That sounds pretty awesome, enough said
  8. I would particulary love to learn the russian language
  9. Kazu Kun


    @.@ SVN is very confusing, I will probably get around to putting that in later on, By the way, we should open up a Teamspeak server for the website I think that would be awesome! Also, how would I go about installing SVN on a mac system?
  10. btw, steam is picky about these kind of things has to at least be 100x100, cant be bigger then 200k, must be jpeg, jpg, or png XD ( Which it is, but that's besides the point ) AH it worked perfect, fits perfect, and it perfectly beautiful Nice job feneur XD Also I updated the community page to include links to the Wildfire homepage, and the 0 A.D. Forums as well It appears that 2 people have joined the steamcommunity of 0ad
  11. You do have a point, maybe they should implement a system to where your train from the begginning, and as you gather resources they level up into a randomly generated system of villagerstypes ( Such as women, etc. etc. )
  12. Kazu Kun


    Well the weird thing is, sometimes it uses siege and whenever it does, it successfully attacks me with it and it doesn't really seem to get hung up ( or at least most of the time I don't see it getting hung up or anything.. its just a lot of times.. it won't use it Usually when it doesn't its not like hes being hung up or anything, it just doesn't use it Its the alpha 8 ( since 9 hasn't been released yet.. ) for windows Random map ( Umm the very first map that it allows you to pick, is the map that it was.. 2 Players, Tiny map, Teams locked, Map not revealed) He was attacking me with huge forces, they just weren't using siege..
  13. Yes, that pretty well covers all of it for now
  14. I'm not going to lie.. that battle system would be AWESOME in this game.. I'm pretty sure that will definitely be a finale in the last parts of beta though :X ____ Also as far as this battle system goes, for units with shields, why not give them a chance to block for no damage? Since I noticed that ranged Calvary have a rather large chance to miss ( which can be very annoying, not to mention they throw those little javelins WAY to SLOW ) so instead of missing frequently, just make it to where shielded units have a chance to block the arrows, or swords with shields..
  15. Lol, I have no idea what that says But I know its spanish XD
  16. Well, I was just curious if there is anyone that is Fluent in 2 languages besides Spanish. Anyways I was just curious because I would like to expand my knowledge in languages and it would be great to get someone to help me with that
  17. I wasn't really worried about a reseed function, I think its good that you have to checkup on your homeplace every once in a while to give your opponent time to re-cooperate
  18. o.o I haven't seen any password part, and I am up to play at any time Just send me a message on here and we can play XD
  19. :X considering the game is trying to follow a realistic timeline aspect, I think we should try to make in-game play at least sort of realistic, so infinite supplies, shouldn't be in this game. Now a small income, (something like how they did with the relics ) WOULD be nice to have, and defiantly wouldn't hurt to have it in the game
  20. Will they have big, adorable wheels? >:3
  21. Okay lol, I resized it to the best of my abilities ( q.q ) It looks decent to me, so Its up there, if anything needs/wants anything let me know
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