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  1. milestone is at 62% of completeness so maybe at the end of 2020 a new version will be released
  2. It would be pleasant to add some random god event . As example Clovis 1er was loosing the battle of tolbiac and he had done a priest to the christ to change its religion if he win the battle
  3. battering ram was created to counter fortification so I think battering ram should appear little after wall fortification Also I think if all faction have battering ram that will remove the advantage of celts factions especially Gauls . How you to balance this ? battering ram can be easily kill by the sword cavalry and any pool of sword units . I do not think this units it is OP the only things would be to limits the quantity of those units (3 by example) and the problem it is solved
  4. thanks I confirm removing the Formation Fighting mod resolve the issue
  5. Dear, thanks for your mod I tried citybuildingmod_0.2.0_a23.zip but on my gameplay I am not able to get coins. Could you check my game play ? Thanks savegame-0006.0adsave
  6. Dear, After reading these topics: Fix Formation Bonuses/Aura Formations I would like to know the current implementation state of formation into 0ad? Thanks for all. Have a nice day
  7. with the revision 11801 they are a strange issue AI towers has an infinite range attack, in first i had think it is only for iberian with their start tower but i seen this issue with another civ ( do not know which, i have used random civ)
  8. 10 celts boat for load it it is 400 units and max it is 300 for vuild 400 celts unit and 10 celts boat u need a good economic. Since you have not these 10 full boat you can't go to water then you can't take fish -> bad economic , fail
  9. Me i do not see how celts civ could win on island map ! yes their boat can load many people, it is very efficient against infantry and cavalry. But against other boat it is unless then on a water map celt could not cross a sea
  10. we could have a lock icon to all unit / fortress / tower who allow garrison up right to the unit icon and by clicking on it which lock / unlock the player is able to allow or not allied garrisoning. The allied player should be to able garrison and un-garrison this unit. If they are allied unit into a structure and the player choose to lock allied unit go out automatically
  11. And for note: allied unit should be able go to allied siege ram
  12. Dear, I have play on multiplayer and they are some feedback: In first civ are unbalanced, what should be do: - hero should be unique * it is more realistic * prevent again mass heroes build - celt unit are not enough strong and like they are not good on water increase the power of his unit should be done the first one is more important, by example carthaginian have a elephant heroes (do not rember his name) where is overkill thanks a lot for this games
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