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  1. Just a thought, but for those interested in AI development or prototyping, could there be a use case of running a game between two bots over the network? This could be to: - observe how two different strategies and approaches work, - for repeatable simulation and outcome testing, - competitive AI competitions, or - basic research All is possible on a localhost, but there is flexibility being able to do the same over the network. i.e. can we address that undefined playerstate error in a way that doesn't require a fallback to singleplayer?
  2. historic_bruno, any updates on the Mac build scripts? I'd love to give it a try out, and it would help my development on 0ad to have a consistent way to roll binaries.
  3. Yes great to see another Pledgie campaign successfully raised.
  4. Exciting steps!I think we can get the SVN or release version in the plist file as well.
  5. Would be good to pit your latest Marilyn against the (improved and stronger) qbot in SVN.I believe you're on Mac, so there's some pointers in the current first page thread on getting an 0AD Mac .app up and running from SVN. I'm primarily Mac too so can give some advice if you have trouble.
  6. It also happens when closely zoomed and the projectile moves off the edge of the screen during flight. The trailing particles disappear concurrently due to culling.
  7. A hand-rolled Xcode4 project file already exists to build an OAD .app bundle. However, as you noted it needs to be kept updated when source code files are added or deleted vs the automated Premake solution that works nicely on Windows, but poorly on Xcode project files. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15145&view=findpost&p=233049
  8. Sorry, but I really don't like the idea of using ~/Documents on Mac as the file path location of saved games and screenshots. It just doesn't tie into the way any other (broad statement: but I haven't seen any examples) games or Mac apps utilise the file system. Mac is often about hiding away the complexity of the filesystem (at least for novice, casual users) and providing a nice interface to underlying files and features. Accessing save games makes most sense *within* the 0AD application, I really don't care where they are on the physical file system most of the time. Storing them in Documents is too in the users face, as that location is primarily for user created documents, not outputs of an application or game. I'm strongly of the view that all generated data should be within ~/Library/Application Support or ~/Libraries/Caches.
  9. Yup. We know. There isn't a need to post the same message about lag issues on a number of disparate threads to do with unrelated issues. Take it as given that the devs, who do play a considerable amount of 0AD, would be aware of the pathfinding/performance status at present. We'd all like to see it incrementally improved, and that is taking place.
  10. That ogl_shader.cpp file was recently removed as redundant in a SVN revision. While updating SVN will take the file away, you need to rerun the update-workspaces.bat file to refresh your Visual Studio solution file.
  11. Is this against AI (how many?). Pathfinder optimisations are expected to bring down the current lag issues when a number of objects are moving around the map.
  12. Sound is disabled on Mac, due to a known issue that causes crashes when unloading from memory looping sounds. Frankly, I think it's an issue with 0ad's implementation, not OpenAL, as I know of other Mac games which can do looping sounds fine.
  13. 1. Apply patch2. Press Build in Xcode43. Copy the game data into the resulting .app bundle Easy. The reason why it's not a universal solution is that it needs to be manually updated whenever source code files are added or deleted.
  14. The two files are the patch and the Xcode project file: clean-build-mac-r10945.diff and xcode-project-file-r10945.zip
  15. I believe qbot has issues with the new Punjab map. The presence of so many Asian elephants close to civ centre starting spot that can kill villagers and buildings, means that qbot's economy is totally shut down. It does not seem to have an effective counter.
  16. Keep in mind that Xcode4 can integrate the processes of creating properly formed bundles, as a post-compilation step, including copying files/folders into the app bundle.
  17. Discussion is progressing well. In relation to mods and total conversions, I'd like to suggest that they should go in /Applications/0ad/ and then be dealt within the VFS system (which I'm not fully across just yet) - whether that means in practice a zip file in the top level folder, a sub-folder or someother compressed archive. To my mind where a mod changes -- or even potentially totally converts gameplay elements in a total conversion -- the adoption of those changes should be quite clear and deliberate, almost forming a new game. This is why it makes sense to have them within the /Applications/0ad/ folder.
  18. Yes using ~/Documents isn't right.~/Library/Application Support/0AD is the way to go
  19. Ah yes, case sensitivity issues were going to crop up. Good find.
  20. Yup, I've seen this as well. Not sure what's going on. In my case it lasted for about 1-2mins after I destroyed a bot's civ center, before reverting to normal speed.
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