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  1. As a test of the new Mavericks builds utilising the latest patches on Trac ticket #2304, I've run unit tests successfully over the resultant binaries with only one failing test report. $ ./test Running 289 tests.........................................................................................................................................................In TestCStr::test_parse:../../../source/ps/tests/../../../source/ps/tests/test_CStr.h:136: Error: Expected (str3.ToFloat() == 3.0f), found (0.0000 != 3.0000)../../../source/ps/tests/../../../source/ps/tests/test_CStr.h:137: Error: Expected (str3.ToDouble() == 3.0), found (0.0000 != 3.0000).......................................................................................................................................Failed 1 of 289 testsSuccess rate: 99%
  2. Okay, I've narrowed down the wxWidgets C++11 MacOSX Clang++ linking issue. Linking AtlasUIUndefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "std::basic_string<wchar_t, std::char_traits<wchar_t>, std::allocator<wchar_t> >::find_last_of(wchar_t const*, unsigned long, unsigned long) const", referenced from: wxFileName::SplitPath(wxString const&, wxString*, wxString*, wxString*, wxString*, bool*, wxPathFormat) in libwx_baseu-3.0.a(baselib_filename.o)At the time of report I was using a tip-of-trunk LLVM/Clang build. See this thread on the wxWidgets for reported and resolved case of the linker issue in this external library. http://forums.wxwidgets.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=37432
  3. You can always create your own Trac ticket - with specific details of a suggested code change to address a problem you pose and as identified by static analysis (or similar). Discussion with other coders would continue from there. Try to be as specific as possible with one discrete change at first. Best of luck!
  4. The patches to source/renderer/ModelRenderer.cpp and source/tools/atlas/AtlasObject/AtlasObjectImpl.h found in http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2304#comment:9 worked for me in drastically reducing the number of Clang compiler errors on Mavericks OS X 10.9. This improvement is without having to manually edit premake files or makefiles per some posts above, nor set the stdlib being utilised. However, there are still a number of wxwidgets related compiler errrors in libAtlasUI.dylib.
  5. That download host you've selected requires us to "sign up" before accessing the file. Can you host it somewhere more customary?
  6. Pesapower, perhaps not quite explained simply enough at the start, but is this an accurate description of your Colobe service: "block at the application layer requests to Wordpress from IP addresses known to have previously attempted multiple incorrect login attempts, i.e. characteristics which could be consistent with a brute force attempt"
  7. Enabling "Prefer GLSL" in this release, then iron out all the GLSL bugs sounds very reasonable. I'd also flag the cross-platform issues. Does 0AD yet support Apple's newer OpenGL 3.2 Core profile? If not, there could be issues upon dropping the older ARB shaders on Mac hardware that would otherwise run 0AD fine. The OpenGL 3.2 Core profile was presented as a clean break from the past for Apple devs, but it must be explicitly setup and called in an application -- there's no automatic benefit from it.
  8. And that is where you are going to get a pretty strong backlash. You need to consider the licences of the work you are modifying and building upon before trying to commercially sell anything.
  9. Yup, so this branch is to support: Tablets with Windows 8 (via WinRT), and Store Apps. Though 0ad does support Windows 8 Desktop already - this fork is to support Windows 8 Tablets, Windows Phone and Xbox [Added last two platforms on mahdi follow up comments]
  10. That's not correct. While Microsoft are looking to increase the number of Windows Store apps (and by implication move developers to their latest proprietary WinRT or Metro API) you can still directly download and run program's on Windows 8. I've spent an afternoon setting up a Windows 8 laptop and I'm running directly downloaded applications. This porting effort seems only to be able to support offering the engine through the Windows Store via a forked code base. Will the Windows Store terms comply with the open source license that the source code is under?
  11. I'll choose to agree to disagree with the statement that 'scripting is static and thus not appropriate for a dynamic and adaptive AI, so instead code it in C++', and welcome you to the working coders on the engine!
  12. Fantastic! So this is the beneficiary of not utilising MacPorts and building the libs from source? Edit: Hrmm, I have Xcode 4.6 plus the Command Line Tools, and when following the first set of steps above I get an error building NVTT as it relies on cmake, which isn't included by default. So it's not fully without dependencies. Building NVTT... ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/source/nvtt ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/osx ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/source/nvtt/src ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/source/nvtt ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/osx ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/source/nvtt/src/build ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/source/nvtt/src ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/source/nvtt ~/Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/libraries/osx ./build-osx-libs.sh: line 430: cmake: command not found ERROR: NVTT build failed
  13. I guess the more pertinent issue is not to explore other channels to raise funds, like Kickstarter, but what the team plan on doing with the not immaterial pool of as yet unused funds raised in the last round.
  14. This is an issue I've seen lately with the Wildfire Games forum (i.e. this forum), running on IP Board. When browsing using iPad (reproduced with both iOS 5.x and 6.0) the "Mark all as read" button returns a popup simpy saying "undefined", then returns me to the top level folder of the forum. The difference to what I was expecting is that (i) I'm returned back to the top level, rather than the sub-forum I was reading, and (ii) *ALL* forum threads are marked as read, not just those in the particular sub-forum. As this is likely an issue with IP Board, I took a look through their support forums, and found only one similar report here -> http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/mark-all-as-read-says-undefined-in-ipb-mobile-r37580 It seemed pretty infrequent due to no further reports, but as I'm getting this consistently, perhaps it is a bug fixed in a more recent version of IP Board than Wildfire Games is using. A small issue, but would be nice if others could confirm, or might have to wait for a forum upgrade to fix.
  15. LLVM build 2336.1.00 was from around Xcode 4.1 (a little old now). While Apple keep pushing the accelerating update process, can you check there isn't an update to Xcode suggested to you?
  16. In addition to k776's comments, a means of reasonably quickly parsing over the changes would be to pull in the help of some automated source code checkers. PVS-Studio, MSVC's Analyze etc can be run on the current trunk 0ad, then with each of these patches applied, to pick up the delta. Some reports will be gumph, but could pick out reasonably quickly things like incorrect use of arrays, copy/paste typos and the like. I did a parse over the code base about 6 months ago with some of these tools. Might be unlikely for me to do so again this weekend, but next would be fine (assuming that is pre A11).
  17. There's an amount of low level platform specific code on Mac, which I don't believe Qt framework would provide. I thought Qt was mostly related to window managers, UI and the like?
  18. Sorry for not reading right through, but does this mean we are approaching an *easy*, repeatable OS X build environment within Xcode? i.e. without having to go through the hoops of an external package maintainer like macports?
  19. Was this built using the new build architecture that you're working on?
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