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  1. Bringing these topics together is going to help. In my short time in the community, it seems the Mac build infrastructure is leaping ahead with some pace. Shouldn't be too long until the remaining issues are resolved and it starts spining off the benefits it offers towards improving performance and feature equivalence on OS X.
  2. Is that because you don't have Xcode and the build environment setup, or is it because of compile errors?
  3. It's running here. Only had a quick test. Xcode project file and patch from #947.
  4. That error message, with the tell tale unifont_linespacing(), indicates you haven't copied the game data into the correct spot for the engine to load it. See posts above indicating how to do so. Once done you should see the main menu now load.
  5. To compile a Mac .app bundle cleanly, could you please try: http://trac.wildfire...t/947#comment:2 Importantly, you still need to copy the contents of the binaries/ directory from SVN *into* your .app bundle under data/.
  6. Thanks for the new bot to test. Will offer some suggestions once I've given it a few runs.
  7. Ah, the SVN directory has a Doxygen config file at docs/doxygen/config. I think that's the system you are looking for, as Doxygen is able to scan the source code and rebuild documentation based upon whatever recent changes have occurred. Making coders do it manually is unlikely to work, because we're lazy like that...
  8. There's a group of us working hard to make the Mac OS X platform much easier to install and run, watch this space.
  9. I'm a primarily Mac based developer on the Freespace 2 Open engine.
  10. When you upload the Xcode project file I'll take a look. Thanks.
  11. On map manipulation functions, are you constraining your solution to just single fading spheres? Potential fields or threat hulls could offer additional benefits as one of the "types", or alternatively a blend of many influence fields. Berkley Overmind -- the Starcraft AI -- used this approach.
  12. I've taken cc_julian's provided Xcode project file and patch diff file, updating each for the r10808 of trunk (i.e. essentially the Alpha 8 release). xcode.zip clean-build-mac.diff Current status (24/12/2011) is: Compiles cleanly on Xcode 3.2.6Linking produces one error that I would like others' thoughts on resolving ld: duplicate symbol CCmpPathfinder::HandleMessage(CMessage const&, bool)in /Users/..../Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/build/xcode/build/0ad.build/Debug/0ad.build/Objects-normal/x86_64/CCmpPathfinder-F1D5D520713D9E44.o and /Users/..../Documents/Coding/0ad/trunk/build/xcode/build/0ad.build/Debug/0ad.build/Objects-normal/x86_64/CCmpPathfinder-F1D5D520713D9E44.o collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Command /Xcode3/usr/bin/g++-4.2 failed with exit code 1
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