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  1. Ok, I exported it into the engine. Here are the files, I added and the blendfile I used for exporting. And a screenshot. It would look better with ambient occlussion, but I didn't get it running. We need it as option in the graphics settings wonderUpload.zip
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  2. Way to go imo. Battalion systems make games feel more authentic - looks more like clashes of armies rather than peasant skirmishes. Also makes lag ingame less frustrating, because units die slower.
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  3. I think the whole front part of roof should have statues. Also, rooftiles should be bronze or gold. I suggest reuse rooftiles texture (diffuse and parallax) from Parthenon, but make them bronze color and highly specular. I really like the dimensions of this temple. You capture them really well my friend. And I can't wait to see the AO map. EDIT: I take a look at it in Atlas. The shapes and proportions are pretty accurate. I think there is a lot of texture stretching in the UV mapping that need taken care of though. Also, you are missing this line in a lot of your actors: <material>player_trans_ao_parallax_spec.xml</material> I'd brighten up the quadriga texture (and yellow slightly hue- I did that myself and it brings out a lot of detail, also 1024^2 is way too big, I resized it to 256^2 and it still look fine), fix stretching on textures UV Mapping, add more statues along front of roof, and add the bronze roof tiles. This will look awesome. (also, maybe scale it down a little -15%, it looks a little big compare to Hanging Gardens and will looks large next to Colosseum). What say you? Also, whole structure need recentered pushed back a little so that footprint lines look right and not clipped by stairs. Here you see I brighten quadriga texture and brighten the spec map considrbly.
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  4. Flaming Pitch technology (yes, the javelins change from regular to flaming). Forward base
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