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  1. I actually like the idea of having resources stored in warehouses/ city centers/ houses; losing them would lose those stored resources. That would be realistic and strategic and would add a good layer in the game. As to units consuming food, I agree that having to deal with units individually for the consumption of food would be a little outside of 0 AD's straight-up RTS feel, having supply carts would address this. Many of you would know of the supply cart's value in Rise of Nations, wherein the supply cart reduces the units attrition. Modifying the supply cart to be the "counter" for food or any other "maintenance resource". We can have the supply cart a necessity whenever a player venture out of his territory (simulating the role of logistics), and losing the supply cart would have drastic consequences on an army. We can also have the supply cart lose points or loaded resources to simulate food/ supplies being used, so that the player needs another supply cart or have to move the existing one to the nearest warehouse/ supply repository for replenishment.
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