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    • I allready love this faction 
    • Fairies of Tarm incoming, probably the most non-standard faction in the game to date, with everything from player shifting Seasons to self-building-buildings and no workers. Check out the details below:  
    • Not enough. They are maded by 'franchises'. I expect something separaterd from 'third-party' universes (maybe Wesnoth in 3D RTS). Age of Mythology was too boring, because of too much simple antic structures, disguisted design, etc. RoN:RoL - that is good example of not ordinary fantasy without stupid 'meduses', 'vikings' or another popular cliche. And I'm not brony to accept Pony... The second reason to make fantasy style is no needs to be historical accurate. Especially in the naming. 0 A.D. as I understand it is 'fiction' 0 Anno Domini? What kind of 'Domini'? The third reason to make fantasy - is that the historical games, especially that bronse age, feels not like game, but like Provincial Museum (of Archeological Fakes). I'm sorry, but known history is not science in classical description and was allways politicized, prestigious historians can be bribed and promote fake opinion by decades. How much more antique fakes should be revealed - no one will know.  
    • Ponies Ascendant and Hyrule Conquest not fantasy enough for ya? I'm working (slowly) on https://www.moddb.com/mods/dwarfs There was also a mythology mod @Rolf Dew was working on
    • I hear, they are planning to make 'Empires Besieged'. Well, I hope they would decide to make something at fantasy setting, because that 'alternate history' style is pretty sad, lean, and boring.  
    • Your welcome. I will remove the brackets by editing my message. Ok thanks for the info. One question, about the Catafalque, do you want a name for the thing in Gaulish? I will do something similar for future proposals, no problemo. Because the differences are mostly imperceptible during this period. Especially by using only the nominative case. In these words no, it doesn't seem to have indication for longer vowel length. When it is the case, it is generally noted by the linguists. My bad, by "longboat" I wanted to designate something that looks like a "log canoe". Like the bronze age models found.  Actually this is not really the literal meaning, Longos probably meant simply ship in this context. My interpretation for this root is to designate these kinds of boat. It was not the resemblance that made me said this. I simply wanted to designate these kinds of boat. Although the case of the word Longo- is quite complex and could also involved different meaning associated to the topography.
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