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Any Plans To Work On Other Rts Games?

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I love the stuff you guys (and gals :P - just in case) have been working on. I myself have been designing a game, which I've simply called Age of Fantasy. I was wondering if WildFire Games might be willing to put my concept to life. I've got a lot of the game already designed, although not everything is done. As for what AoF is about, well here's a bunch of things I've type up over the last little while about it:

Age of Fantasy

(3-D Fantasy based real time strategy game)

Contains 6 different cultures each with their very own set of units, abilities, buildings, technologies and styles of tactics!

-diamonds on very hard to acquire and are used for special technologies, spells and units (depending on what race you are playing)

-at the beginning of a game players are able to choose a culture and later on gods can be worshiped along with the development of 2 cultural traits (maybe 3?)

-compared to aom, aof will begin each game with more buildings and units, there will be a choice of starting units, also a brief time at the beginning of the game will be set aside just for economic built up – a time of peace where players cannot attack one another (the time can be set at the beginning of the game – from 3-10 minutes should do)

-players will not know what their opponents culture is at the start of the game and must explore to find out, once a player finds another players unit or building that player will gain the knowledge of what culture that player is, sometimes the opponent may also be given the knowledge of the player who was scouting (if their unit went in the line of sight of the opponent)

-the notion of an age will be represented by developing cultural traits and worshiping gods

-at certain times during the game cultural traits may be chosen, for instance, it may be at the 10 min mark that a small window will appear asking what cultural trait you wish to take, once chosen a cultural trait will instantly give your culture a certain bonus or bonuses, like 10% more hit points for a certain unit or increase mining by 10%

-worshiping is more like age leveling in the past age games, you can do it at any time once you’ve enough resources, in this case diamonds, but the difference is that the only advantages you get from it are god technologies and a few instant bonuses, so without worshiping gods you can still advance your culture quite a bit, and the worshiping acts more to specialize your culture than to advance it as a whole

-some units have stealth, which allows a unit to be invisible to enemy units until they attack or perform a spell (druids and feys), and can only regain there stealth ability once they are out of the line of sight of enemy units (buildings’ line of sight doesn’t count), any unit that can use magic can reveal the presents of a stealth unit, the elfs’ assassin is the one exception, they remain invisible even to enemy spell casters and are only visible after they attack for a limited amount of time (30 sec(?))

-each culture has their once form of a farm, which means that enemy (or ally) farms cannot be acquired unless its was created by an enemy (or ally) of the same culture


Focuses: Infantry, siege, healing spells, defensive, mining

-all unit have a natural resistance to magic (take less damage, less chance of successful attacks from magic,….)

-clerics can caste healing, strengthening, damaging and protecting spells, they have decent combat abilities as well (use a hand-axe to attack)

-dwarf building are stronger, more costly, resistant to hack attacks, built by worker dwarfs, except gnomes make traps

-tunnels (house 20 pop, create worker dwarfs and gnomes)

-fortresses (most researching is done here, also creates weapons that dwarf workers can use to become military units (weapons take time to make tho once made dwarf military units require no training time to use them), deals crush damage to attackers)

-gnome factories (produces gnome machines and carts)

-traps (take a lot of ore to create, are invisible to enemies once finished being built, once a unit walks over a trap they are instantly killed)

-tunnels have the ability to transfer units from one tunnel to another, although an amount of time must pass between entering and exiting (15-30 sec), if a tunnel that has units coming out of it (soon) is destroyed the units will appear at the next closest tunnel, if all tunnels are destroyed units trapped within tunnels can be recovered by buildings a new tunnel at which the trapped units will appear once it’s completed

-resources are collected in carts (including diamond – which is mined like ore)

-siege units are controlled by gnome which operate the machines (once the siege unit is destroyed the gnomes parish as well

-gnomes count as half a pop, are needed to operate gnome machines – ballistas (think of scorpions from AoK just a bit bigger and having a better attack, tho they must be mounted and firer faster with more gnomes operating it) catapults (more operators equals more stones that the catapult firers), and arials (flying machine that requires two gnomes, one to pilot and the other to fire rocks at enemy units, very weak attack, decent speed)

-military units can change weapons with other already produced weapons by being in the fortress (old weapons stay in the fortress – max of 20-30)

-carts are moved around by worker dwarfs

-military units may become non- military units but are unable to then return to their former status without returning to a fortresses

-diamond is use for military upgrading, weapons and armor can be upgraded, giving higher attack, pierce armor, hack armor and a resistance to crush damage (crush armor)


Focuses: Stealth, ranged attacks, magic, wood cutting

-units are protected from magic by a certain magic spell druids can caste

-druids specialize in mind control, healing and nature

-adepts specialize in damaging and protecting spells, they are also good fighters, using a fuchsia flaming sword in combat

-elf buildings are smaller, slightly quicker to build, built by non-military units

-tree dwellings (house 3 pop, ranged pierce attack)

-towers (high ranged pierce attack)

-town halls (trains elfs, ranged pierce attack)

-storehouses (take in resources)

-academies (trains adepts, longswordmen and longbowmen)

-guilds (trains druids, assassins, rangers, scouts)

-resources are collected in one building, diamonds are extracted by spells cast by druids

-military units are created and trained in either the guild or academy, normal elfs (those being able to gather resources and construct building) can’t be turned into military units

-all guild units have stealth, assassins have cloaking ability (only can be seen once they attack

-longbowmen can have flaming arrows (which are good against most buildings)

-diamond is used in the creation of assassins, and for diamond arrows used by longbowmen which do crush damage instead of pierce

-rangers and scouts have to ability to transform into wolfs (quick speed, high attack), hawks (flying scouts) and bears (high hit points, high attack), transforming takes time (10 secs), there is no time limit to how long a scout or ranger can be transformed although it change back takes time as well (10 sec)


Focuses: Technology, flexibility, farming

-sanctuaries bless units for a certain amount of time allowing them protection from magic

-priests can caste healing and mind spells, sorcerers can caste damaging and protecting spells and can use golems, warlocks can caste damaging spells and have good combat capabilities, necromancers can caste weakening spells and can create skeleton warriors by putting a spell on enemy units, who once die return to life for a certain amount of time under your control as skeletons warriors

-diamonds can be traded for, using any of the other resources

-human buildings can be made of ore or wood, ore gives them greater resistance to hack attacks, along with greater hit points

-settlements (trains humans, acts as a market)

-homes (house 10 pop)

-keeps (defensive structure, fires multiple arrows at near by enemy units)

-stables (trains horses)

-temples/shires (trains priests, sorcerers and celestials/ warlocks, necromancers and demons)

-barracks (trains infantry and ranged units)

-blacksmiths (upgrades weapons and armor)

-granaries (food drop off building)

-lumberyards (wood drop off building, constructs rams)

-quarries (ore drop off building)

-military units are trained from villagers, and can get new weapons at the blacksmith for a small cost and a little bit of training time

-stables produce horses which can be outside (allowing them to be mounted) or in side the stable (keeping them protected from harm), certain soldiers can mount horses and later on dismount when back at a stable

-rams are created at the lumberyard, and are able to be sheltered and capped (the shelter and cap can be metal or wood), light military is used to carry the ram, more people equal a quicker speed and stronger attack, 2 people must be carrying the ram for it to be moveable, units may lat go at any time, while new people can join at any time, min of 2 people must carry it at once

-blacksmiths can produce golem molds, which can be brought to life by a sorcerers, which in turn halfs the energy regeneration and maximum of that wizard, golems take up no pop, but must stay within a certain distance from it’s creator, if it leaves it will loss its “life” and will have to be brought back to life by a sorcerers again, if a creator dies so does the “life” on the golem it created

-diamond is used to create celestials (1 - slow moving, high stealth unit, with a high attack, regeneration and can only be seen for 10 sec after he attacks, 1 – glowing orb that attacks with light, fast moving, 1 – golden lion with energy aura, high attack, HP and speed) and demons (3 – tiny flying vulture like units that attack by firing claws at enemy unit, weak HP, 1 – nightmare, dark black horse with flaming hair, fast and high HP, 3 – small spider units that attack contains poison)


Focuses: Cheaper and quicker training military, strengthening and damaging spells, aggressive

-totem poles give protection from magic within a certain radius (large radius)

-shamans caste weak damaging, strengthening, healings spells

-when orcs and gremlins kill other units they gain a small amount of diamonds (~1 diamond per 1 pop slot worth of enemies killed), when enemy buildings are destroyed by melee units a small amount of ore and/or wood are gained, each unit has a maximum carrying capacity

-goblinoid buildings are sometimes made with wood and sometimes ore, they are quick to put up and require little resources when compared to the buildings of other cultures

-camps (train all units, except hobgoblins)

-caves (house 8 pop, take in all resources)

-alchemist labs (create hobgoblins, by combining diamonds and goblins, upgrade orc armor

-totem poles (give magic protection)

-forts (defensive structure, multiple rocks will be ejected at near by enemy units)

-worg pens (train worg riders)

-gremlins have stealth, a high attack and low cost but have low hit points and armor

-armor for unmounted orcs differs from the armor used on wargriders, the other units lack armor upgrades

-harpy cliffs, behemoth caves and wolf dens can be built to summon creatures (harpys, behemoths and dire wolfs) to guard areas (it does have the potential to be used offensively though), once a goblin(s) finishes buildings a structure a creature(s) will appear from its opening and will patrol a certain radius around its(their) “home” attacking all non-goblinoid units, if the creature(s) is(are) killed another(others) will replace it(them) in time (15sec), the only way to completely kill off the creature(s) is to destroy its(their) “home,” a goblinoid player can only have 3 wolf dens, 2 harpy cliffs and 1 behemoth cave


Focuses: Military-villagers, mind and nature spells, stealth, variation

-most buildings naturally regenerate hit points and give protection from magic within a certain radius around them (small radius), along with having the ability to be transferred to different locations, the transfer will take time and a certain amount of resources to be completed, units can be transported along with a building if they are garrisoned within a building being transferred

-hill complexes (train halflings and hill giants)

-trees of life (train ents, sprites and feys)

-misty forests (train unicorns, centaurs and ents)

-diamonds are obtained by ents entangling diamond mines and slowly absorbing diamond from the mine, entangling and unentangling takes time (10 sec)

-centaurs have both a composite bow and a sythe, either one can be used during battle, when farming the sythe is used, when hunting the composite bow is used, a button will allow a player to decide what weapon the centaur uses


Focuses: Creatures (mountable), poison, nature and weakening spells, regeneration

-ritualists caste nature, weakening, protecting and strengthening spells, as well as giving allied units protection from magic within a certain radius (medium radius)

-gather diamonds by using raptor riders to melt diamonds a part (acid from raptors)

-swamp buildings are the weakest buildings (least amount of hit points and armor) in aof although they are also the most deadly, any unit that attacks a swamp building is instantly poisoned (poisonous thorns will dart at any attacker)

-huts (house 5 pop)

-tribunal grounds (trains lizardmen (including ritualists) and troglodytes)

-bogs (trains serpent flies and trolls)

-ranches (train hydras, raptors, dragons and basilisks)

-strongholds (defensive structure, look like steep mini-pyramids (4x the size of aom towers), javelins attack near by enemy units)

-all units, expect troglodytes and serpent flies, regenerate hit points, trolls regenerate 3x faster then other units

-raptors, hydras, basilisks and dragons are created at ranches, when created they will wander around the ranch until a lizardmen is sent to ride them, when riding, a lizardmen looses their stats in exchange for the creature’s stats they ride, a rider can be unmounted at any time, if the creature is killed their rider will still live, unmounted creatures will roam around a small area and will attack any units that pass them (except other swamp units) until they are remounted, when creatures are in a ranch they will give off food at a slow rate

-lizardmen’s attacks instantly poison an enemy unit (the poison can take out a maximum of ~75 hit points), once the poison attack is used it can’t be used again for 15-30 sec

-basilisks have a stone gaze, which like the lizardmen’s poison attack can’t be used again for a certain amount of time (30-60 sec), it instantly “stones” an enemy unit, leaving them frozen – unable to take and deal damage as well as not being able to move, which will stay “stoned” for ~1 min before crumbling (certain spells can undo the effects of the stone gaze)

-dragons fly when mounted but are grounded until then, when on the ground they attack with their claws, when flying they attack with a fiery acid spray (which deals crush damage)

-hydras attack by biting enemies, when first created hydras have 2 heads, as the hydras take damage new heads grow (1 new head per 100 damage taken) to a maximum of 9 heads in total

-swamp buildings create a marshly bog-like terarain around them, this terrain will recede after the building that formed it are destroyed, the terrain can only be built upon by swamp cultures and slows the movement of all non-swamp units

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Welcome to WFG Hailstorm_master. :P If you care to talk more about yourself, you can do so in the Introductions Forum. As for your game idea, you have an interesting concept. Problem is, if you want WFG to help bring your concept to life, you'll going to have to wait til at least mid or late 2005, since we are already so busy with our two current projects. If you can't wait til then, you'll probably have to find people yourself.

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Dudes, i have no idea, but why cant WFG try helping? They had 3, now 2 (Insurrection is gone right?)... It is a game I would have played, its a great idea. If he tries to get people, and why cant he get a WFG forum and website... I think, or guess that is what he want... Or are Randy right? You want a dev team?

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Well to tell the honest truth, anything would be nice. The main problem is that I lack any of the skills needed to get my game off the drawing board and into a physical reality, such as being able to write scripts, use 3-d modeling programs, etc. So the main thing I've been looking for is people who know how to do those things (such of Wildfire Games). On the other hand, just having a forum to discuss my game would be great, since as I mentioned I'm not completely done designing the game.

As an a side, I'm planning to enter a unit from my game along with a lot of the information from my game to the create a unit contest an AoM website is having (maybe ES might make my game :P ).

Anyways, like I said, anything would be nice and thanks for even considering doing it, it really would mean a lot to me.


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Well, it looks like your only choice then is to actively find people who's interested in your concept to work for you. It'd be good if you (or someone you know) make a web site for recruiting purposes. In the meantime, hang out here with us and maybe if you get a good rep here, one day you may get help from WFG. :P

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Perhaps he went someplace else to get help for AoF. Hopefully, he remembers to come back here one of these days or that he listined to my advice.

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I've still been around, just busy lately with midterms, multiple wisdom teeth cut and smashed out of my mouth, and if any of u guys heard about PlanetAOM's unit contest, i was working on a unit from AoF for that (wish me luck :)). Anyways, nice to see that people are wondering where I've been.

As for AoF, I've been writing up more information (guess i'll post it here when I get done a bit more), hopefully u guys will like the new stuff.


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I had to get my wisdom teeth out which were all were not exposed, and thus my dentist had to cut open my gum line in 4 placing then smash each tooth to be able to extract each of them. still kinda hurts after 2 weeks.....

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well I've only had a bit of time to work on updating the game, university just never stops giving me work do to....

As of writing this post I've started a revision of the original information I posted a while back, intros mostly done, then I've gotta work on the culture specific information. I do have an excel file that contains every unit in the game, most of which have stats, if anyone would like to see it just message me at hailstorm_master@hotmail.com, i'd love some feed back on it.

Also, if anyone is interested in the contest i enter the other units that are in the contest as well as mine can be from here http://piazza.iae.nl/users/martijng/secure/

Hopefully i'll finish the revision sometime this next week, i've post it once it's done


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Hmm wondering if anybody still goes here but either way since i'm still busy here's what I've got done, only a few ideas are new, most just have been placed in a prose form.

Age of Fantasy

(3-D Fantasy based real time strategy game)

Contains 6 different cultures each with their very own unique units, abilities, buildings, technologies and styles of tactics!

Game Basics

At game startup each player gets a choice of two things; what culture they wish to play, along with what type of units they initially have. Both of these choices are shown to allies during the loading sequence and enemies must explore to discover them. Once an enemy is found their culture will be displayed on the diplomacy screens of all allied players. This screen will already contain the information of all allied player and will be updated with new information each time an ally or enemy get to a new “age.”

The notion of an age will be represented by developing cultural traits and worshiping gods. Up to two cultural traits can be developed by choosing amongst several traits at certain times during a game. For example, at the ten minute mark during a game each player will be able to choose a cultural trait from a list (each culture has a different list). Once chosen a cultural trait will instantly give a player a variety of bonuses that may effect units, buildings or other aspects of that players culture. A second choice will appear later on, perhaps somewhere between the 20- 25 minute mark. Just like with cultural traits, a maximum of two gods can be worshiped. Although, unlike the other form of “aging,” worshiping gods costs diamonds (see below for more information on diamonds) and can be done at any time during the game. It gives a few instant bonuses, along with a variety of god technologies that take both time and resources to research. The most important thing to make note of is that unlike in other age games where aging was a necessity, in AoF no general technologies are attached to cultural traits or god worshiping. Thus aging is not truly a way of becoming more advanced, but instead allows for cultures to become more specialized. This also means that less resource will have to be spent to get units fully upgraded through normal technologies, since “ages” are not required to do so.

Compared to aom, aof will begin each game with more buildings and units, along with a brief time of peace, similar to how the map “nomad” begins. During the time of peace opponents are unable to attack one another, allowing economic development to be a priority, along with exploration. The length of time can be altered (2-10 minutes) to allow for quick battles, or if desired, to allow large armies and resources stockpiles to develop for more massive and intense battles.

AoF contains four types of resources; food, ore, wood and diamond. Food is the most important resources, used to create nearly every unit in the game, along with many technologies. Buildings are the main use of wood and ore. Both resources are also used to create units, as well as for researching technologies. Diamond is the hardest of all the resources to acquire, and is used and gathered differently by each of the cultures (see each culture for more specifics). Ore is mined by each culture. Wood is obtained by cutting down forests by all cultures except the curaterras, who grow it when dendroids are rooted. Food, like diamonds, is gathered differently by each culture (see each culture for details).

Stealth is a new attribute that some units either have or can acquire. It allows a unit to be invisible to most enemy units until they perform an action. There are only two ways to detect stealth units; with spell casters who can sense them, and defensive structures (each culture has a different kind) that can reveal them once Watch Guard Rotations is researched. A special note most be made about the Elf’s Assassin who has advanced stealth, meaning that nothing, not even spell castors or defensive structures, can reveal them until they attack.

Unlike in AoM, where crush damage is only effective against buildings, in AoF crush damage is effective against all units and buildings. This is done to reflect the reality of what crush damage actually is; a pure physical force, which under rational thought would be nearly impossible to stop. And as such, will not have any armor equivalent in AoF. A small except can be found in the Dwarf culture, which can gain a resistance to crush damage by using diamond armor, although this type of armor is very expensive.

Another change from AoM, is the use of spells, which is most ways are similar to god powers. The differences include that spells are weaker then most of the god powers from AoM, they can be used multiple times, require a spell castor to use and are not usually connected to certain gods, although a few are. The basics of using spells are as follows; mages (a.k.a. spell castors) are trained, once trained a mage can be instructed to caste any spell that they know as long as they have the require mana need to caste the spell. Mages begin with half their maximum amount of mana and slowly generate more until their maximum is reached. At which time they stop mana generation. Once a spell is caste a mage losses the amount of mana required to caste the spell. In general, mages are weak, having low hit points, attack, speed and armor, although some do have decent fighting abilities. The amount of mages a player can have are limited to 20 population slots, this is done for balancing, since even a few mages can often change the tides of a battle with a few well used spells. Each culture has a different way of countering spells (see each culture for specifics). There are seven types of spells; healing, weakening, protecting, strengthening, damaging, mind and nature. Mind spells are unique in that they have a random chance of success; all other spells have a one hundred percent chance of success, unless affected by other spells or certain cultural traits/god technologies.

The role of water in AoF is simplified from that of AoM. It has no economic value (no fishing) and only one type of ship can be build. A ship takes up no population slot, but is stationary until boarded. A boarded ship gains the attacks of all units aboard it, whether they be ranged or melee. During ship battles ranged units will begin to fire first as the ships approach one another, then, once they dock with another ship, melee attacks will add to the damage of the ranged units. Ships will be larger then those of AoM and will be capture able by enemy players if unoccupied. The amount of units able to occupy a ship is governed by the amount of population slots the units take up, the more units in a ship, the slower it moves.

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Quite a long read compared to the average everyday post. Very well..... ;)

Your culture trait ideas seem preety interesting. I may have more comments later.

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