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Walking of a Formation under speed modifying aura

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There is a strange behaivor, when formation walk out of a aura that effects the walking speed. Sometimes the reduction of the walking speed don't reverse to normal; only when a new formation-form is selected it gets back to normal. This is esp. true for slow Units it seems.

I fixed it by giving in UnitAI.js the WALKING order in FORMATIONMEMBER a new timer, a leave and Timer function. In my test it seems to work.

Another strange behavior of formation is that they seem sometimes to go back to a point, and then walking to that direction as they were ordered. But it isn't a big issue. Or formation can be stuck into trees, when working there, but when ordered out, they can be stuck cause the the passability-setting for formation is to big sin some cases. So they are "arrested" into the trees, if they keep the formation. Also a minor issue.


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Head to trac.wildfiregames.com and read the getting started programmers page and the submitting patches page. If you have any questions either ask them here or on IRC. 

To create a patch you have to use the diff tool that will basically compare the old and new UnitAI.js and spot the differences. 

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