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  1. gaius

    Formation-Fighting Mod

    @ffffffff You are right fpre, i fixed it in newer versions but it takes long time for signing. And I updated also my mod. Now formation-bonuses apply: Phalanx/Syntagma:+25% Health/-10% Speed and Attack, Testudo:+3 Pierce Armor/-10% Speed and Attack, Wedge: +25% Attack/-10% Health, Forced March: +50% Speed but -0.3HP/s when marching or fighting, Skirmish: +25% Hack attack. Formation fight now mostly close together. All Unit behavior is improved, regarding chasing, attacking and capturing. New Scenario Maps like BattleMania are great for testing the mod and for a fast 1vs1 online battle with big armies, somewhat like in TotalWar.
  2. gaius

    Gameplay features A24

    I introduced the concept of stamina/exhaustion, gently via tech in late game, in my not yet signed mod. I think it gives interesting tactical options.
  3. gaius

    Formation-Fighting Mod

    I updated the version now to 3.1. The most interesting changes are now that units and formation behave smarter. Formation fight more together. Also AI attacking might be better and smarter, cause units don't auto capture anymore. Download at https://0ad.mod.io/formation-fighting-mod, until it is signed.
  4. I also changed the max attack range for melee units, that makes formation fighting also nicer and more effective
  5. gaius

    Support of mod.io

    @Angen, it can be downloaded in mod.io but not in game. And every update needs a new sign up.
  6. Very nice @Angen, looking forward to see your work. I did make also some work, on formation fighting and fighting in general. One think i did is bring a bit chaos to fighting. Which means that a unit won't choose their max range for attacking, but sth like 85-100% of the max_range to attack. that means that units, ranged and melee, don't build perfect circles if they surround an enemy. That makes formation-fighting more realistic and effective and they stay more together. Maybe u will see it on the next release of formation-fighting mod. Also I changed the chasing behavior esp. for formations. I use the f.e. the MoveToCenter function( for lag reduction), so they chase more as a formation. Animationwise it isn't the best solution. What i would find very useful, would be a possibility to select formations via the middle selection panel and not only single units. . Maybe I implement a Regiment production system with like 11 Soldier and 1 Champ, directly in barracks, which form also automatic a formation. Both are really useful if formation fighting is used widely, I think. Cool would be also to use different Formation for different tasks, like phalanx as a formation which is very durable and give 20% more health for example, while other formation get 20%more atttack .
  7. gaius

    Support of mod.io

    And for all mods: never use a not signed mod as primary mod. It breaks the downloader of mod.io. xD
  8. gaius

    auras cannot be applied twice

    @Angen, I made a good workaround so I don't need formation-auras that much. And for my ultimate purpose of making for example flanking in battles more easier and clearer I need to rewrite/improve the Aura system. In my updated version on mod.io I kept formations.js in it as well as in the phalanx formation I kept the formation_phalanx aura, for testing. But i couldn't get it to work. And really thanks for your fast and very helpful help. One more question I have: i only need to inspect Auras.js, Auramanger.js, for making formation auras, as well as 2 unit formation auras in one formation, possible in case it is broken?
  9. gaius

    auras cannot be applied twice

    in my uploaded zip file I deleted the Aura-token cause it didn't work. Before that I put the same code in as above and i don't can see what i could have done wrong. But one mysterius thing happend at one time the formation_phalanx aura worked ( maybe only sometimes, not sure), but not at together with a formation aura of a unit. But then, after a while, i couldn't get formation auras working again, even when I tried it on a different computer/mod.
  10. gaius

    Formation-Fighting Mod

    @ltms no problem, I had a lot of ideas that i could that way implement, before the first release gets out , so too speak. And fatherbushido did not comment on a bug, but a innovent feature of my mod :-). It would be cool if you sign the latest version 2.2 of my mod. The world waits for playing the best RTS game of all time .
  11. gaius

    Formation-Fighting Mod

    But surprisingly that works fine ;-)
  12. if u try to implement a nonglobal aura for a unit u cannot do it in more than one json file, it. For example if u make 2 units that give a different formation-auras for Soldiers, and they form than a formation, only one or none of the aura will be applied. Also Formationbonuses like for Syntagma or testudo dont work, even if u restore the code of D1218. Maybe i can figure out to solve the issue myself, but for that i have to have a better understanding of the codebase.
  13. gaius

    Formation-Fighting Mod

    A newer version of the mod: Formation-Fighting-Mod.zip