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Imperator Ferrum Princeps I

How would I modify minimum zoom without having to recompile

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I have recently gotten good at city planning in 0 A.D. and I think it would be cool to see my cities in "first person" with the great graphics in this game. How could I make it to where I can zoom in farther then in default, similar to how you can zoom in the map editor, and to where I can adjust the FOV to be almost first personlike. Also how could I make it to where your pan speed is lower. I tried editing the local conf file but it seems that the minimum zoom is still in place.

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In singleplayer and replays, hit Alt+D and disable the camera restrictions.

You can also zoom in a lot, change the camera orientation to look over the shoulder of a unit, press the follow-unit hotkey (F) and then order the unit around while the camera remains behind the unit.

You can change the zoom levels and other camera options in the user config file too.



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