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  1. Yeah don't really care too I've met many Flemish celebreties. Each year in Antwerp there's a book festival, so you see many famous Dutch and Flemish authors, journalists and politicians. I also used to do judo (that Japanese fighting sport). Flanders has had the best judocas in the world for quite a while (several Olympic gold medals), so I've met a few of them. I even fought once with Harry van Barneveld who had an Olympic bronze medal and who was European champion
  2. Well I won't go into details about the rest (Argalius, you dirty mind)
  3. On Christmas' eve celebrating my birthday and going to the usual boring family dinner On Christmas day probably nothing special, maybe driving around a little with my gf.
  4. Well they weren't in mint condition, but probably better than yours. But I bet yours would still be worth between 2000 and 3000, of course depends on who would buy it. There's currently a whole retro rage in the alternative and rock music scene, so these guitars are in great demand. But a new Jaguar or Jazzmaster (made in USA) is also very expensive, I believe around €2000 in Belgium.
  5. Well a music shop here was selling one for around €4000
  6. Wow, your guitar is worth a fortune these days Bernd!
  7. Thanks Lorian @Jordan Well I'm no expert in that field but I guess a squier precision bass or jazz bass will do. The Fender eqiuvalents are much better of course, but they are very expensive :/
  8. We used to grow our own christmas trees, but now my parents made an artificial one from wooden planks and all kind of plants. Weird but looks awesome with lights in it
  9. Oh, yep the Squier strat pack sounds fine. I also started out with a squier strat, nice guitars Oh you already get picks with the squier strat pack, though I fear those will be Fender picks :/ Here's a picture of my guitar, a Fender Jazzmaster The Ventures limited edition (made in Japan): http://www.surfmusic.be/fenderjazzmaster.jpg If you ever want to get a better quality guitar get one of these or a Fender Jaguar, they play extremely comfortable.
  10. The first link gives me an error. The second one is a pick (plectrum) I suppose? Well it seems to be a sophisticated one, of more use for experienced players. I suggested you get a batch of Dunlop picks (light ones, the light-gray ones are good for beginners, if you want a heavier take a dark-gray one), they are a lot cheaper. Here's the page with them: .60 and .73 seems to be the good ones. Oh and don't buy Fender plectrums. Maybe it's because I've got an aggressive playing style, but I play such a pic to dust (literally) in only a week. They're made of hard plastic I think, which makes them quite useless. The Dunlop plectrums are in nylon, which makes them more flexible. Edit: I now realise I once played with a Dava plectrum. Yes, they are very good, though a bit hard for a beginner. Oh and the guitarist of Greenday plays a stratocaster, so if you choose the Squier strat or even the Encore one you're fine.
  11. I've spent a lot of my life in the most touristic city of Belgium (Bruges), so I've seen tons of tourists from all over the world. You can really distinguish the Americans easily from all the rest, even before you hear them speak. Clothes and size are quite different, also the way they behave. Americans, atleast when they're on holiday here, wear more casual clothes than we do, are usually bigger and heavier (a bit like Germans ) and are more open. We like to see them coming, just like about any tourist. The only we don't like are mainly English tourists who mainly come here to get drunk. So they better make such shirts for the English
  12. Well if I don't recommend an Encore. You should be able to get a Squier for the same price, which is a bit better. Squier is a Fender brand, it's the budget. ones they produce in China. Look for the basic Stratocaster model. If you can save up some more I would suggest an Epiphone. It's the budget brand of Gibson (that ranges from $150 - $1.000 for a guitar). If you have even a little more I really suggest a Mexican Fender stratocaster. You get the real Fender brand and quite a good guitar for around $350. I would go for Fender or Squier when choosing an amplifier, they offer small ones which are quite cheap. You should also think first of what sound you want. Which guitarists or band do you like? There's a very big difference in coils that are used. This Encore, or any other Stratocaster-like model (like Fender strat or Squier strat) use three single coils. It's a cleaner sound, guitarists like Clapton, Knopfler or Stevie Ray Vaughan play(ed) it. The other popular coil set up is two humbuckers (these are two paralel single coils), which you will find on Les Paul models (Gibson, Epiphone). It's a much fatter sound, you'll find it in hard rock bands. But if you just tell me which guitarists you like I could find out which kind of coils they use. The amplifier used makes also a big difference. You have analogue, tube or digital. I recommend an analogue to start with, since it's the cheapest option. Digital isn't so expensive (though you have very expensive ones too), but it would give you too many features. Tube is expensive but has a great sound and it's very loud. So if you wonder why your guitar sounds weak compared to what you hear from other bands it's usually because they use a tube amp.
  13. I wouldn't be able to do much with such a camera because it's too large and probably too heavy to carry. And I don't expect them to give it to me, such cameras are as expensive as a small car
  14. I don't know, I'm not at home this week, but I'll see if I can keep it this weekend
  15. That belongs in HoI I think the Dutch are funny with their cuss words. The Flemish and Dutch speak the same language but we managed to use totally different words for swearing In the Netherlands they like to use diseases: tering (tuberculosis) and kanker (cancer) are very popular. In Flanders we mainly use godverdomme. Translated godverdomme means doom God. Another one we use is dju or nondedju in east- and west-flanders. It's a dutchified form of nom de dieu (name of God). We also tend to use merde a lot, which is a French word for dung IIRC. The French are also pretty funny. Putain is quite common (@#$%) or sentences like this one: Ta mère en culottes (your mother in her underwear)
  16. Yeah we also have that BOB, we have two famous BOBs here
  17. Well that would result in serious troubles. Belgium is a monarchy, so if I implied I want to make a republic of Belgium (Wildfire for president) the BOB might want to get me
  18. Well they are Belgian cops, but it's possible Dutch cops will help too since I live very close to the Dutch border (and they come from the Netherlands). Yeah they carry guns, but I don't expect a gun fight, maybe a dogfight though Nah I'm not afraid of dogs. My dog is actually a monster, she constantly wants to fight with me and can sometimes be too aggressive. But I like that, I know the trick how to handle them Anyway, if don't hear anything from me next anymore I either ran off to a remote island with all the drugs that are stored there or I was shot in the gun fight
  19. Nah, it's recording automatically, it's attached to a good old VCR recorder. My dad has to change the video everyday when the thing starts flashing. Been looking at those guys they're filming too and it seems indeed a bit strange what they're doing now. They made two dog cages with guard dogs in it and the lights are on day and night, also during weekends.
  20. Lol, lots of speculation going around here Well the thing is that my dad knows the brother of the detective who's in charge of the investigation, so that's why they came to our house. Well they also know him because of some 'things' my dad did in the past when he was co-leading a farmer's union and organizing protest marches They did it with our consent though, of course they aren't allowed to just walk in, set up their equipment, without the consent of the person owning the house. Yeah I've been thinking of doing some stuff before that camera. I pity the one who has to watch that 7-day long video, so I might as well give him some entertainment
  21. Well not really actually. But when I came home this weekend I noticed a big camera with night vision lense and a special videorecorder attached to it. The BOB (equivalent of the FBI in the USA) put it in my computer room to spy on a building on the other side of the street. That building was recently sold and now there are trucks from the Netherlands and UK standing there. The police discovered that the Dutch police already followed them so they are keeping an eye on them now. They don't want to tell why though :/ Well it was quite a surprise to see this thing standing here next to me
  22. @Curu Yeah, at the Flemish border with France many French come buying cigarettes, it's quite funny actually It's getting more expensive here too though. I know that 5 years ago a pack was 3€, now it's almost 5€.
  23. Monthly I spend 8€, which is two packs of tobacco. I don't smoke filter cigarettes since I think they're disgusting, especially because of all the chemicals. We still have some small local tobacco factories here that don't use chemicals, so that's what I buy. A pack of cigarettes here is about 4-5€, so it's really expensive. Anyway you're right that the money can be spended a lot better
  24. I've seen many ads for things like this. We have an official system like that in Belgium, but it takes 2 years and you don't get a real master degree. It really depends for what college studies that is. That is totally impossible in the case of history, you can't become an academic historian in 6 months since it needs training, research, etc. What about the final thesis/paper, who can makes a decent thesis in a few months? I'm now studying electronics/ICT and I can assure you it's also impossible in that case. Again you need a lot of training, and for that you really need a person helping you. The theory is of course possible to learn in a year, but the practice certainly isn't. My gf is studying for interpreter/translator, and again, I can't imagine how you could learn that in 6 months. She has to learn 3 languages (dutch, spanish, german), know the ins and outs of it, speak it perfectly and have a huge vocabulary. In about 4 months she has to learn 3.000 words for German only, and that is only one course out of the 12 others she has. If you take that over a span of 4 years it's a huge amount of things to learn. How would you be able to do that in 6 months? Anyway, sorry for sounding so negative, but I've seen enough people going to easy schools and not being happy they can't find a decent job. I'm glad I live in a country where "tricks" like this aren't allowed, though we do have schools that pretend to learn you much but leave you with nothing. But this 6-month system is the worst I've seen so far. Sure it might work for some - very smart - people and for some courses, but it certainly doesn't work for a serious quality education.
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