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  1. Romans are the more interesting culture to play in 0 AD by far
  2. My grand-grand-father was spanish, so, it makes me iberian ???
  3. So, the naval battles might be great in graphical or gameplay terms?
  4. So the flying idea is not planned in 0AD, but you say it can be implemented easily?
  5. Most of the things in my country are illegaly distributed, but only people with dial-up conection supports piracy So in my case, i owe to freely download it
  6. Sweet instrument with awesome sound Hope somebody manufacture them with the idea for selling epigonions
  7. I prefer the RTS games rather than the RTT, but a long time ago i played Medieval Total War, and I experienced the tactic system made in a battle. I read along the thread and i suppose that the team is going to add some tactic characteristics, the fussion sounds attractive for me
  8. The Huns, and some other tribes from the central asia
  9. This is awesome You made me a happy dude
  10. This is awesome, because 0AD is competing with great quality games, though he is winning, that sounds really great, i really expect the game!!
  11. I am using Knoppix 4.0.2 monolithic Linux Kernel , with some recent changes that updated the distribution, with a GNOME enviroment, and my file system is UnionFS
  12. Dont take my word too seriously, but I used GIMP 2 years ago, and I never understood the program, was very worried at that time (school serious bussiness) so i gave up and bought a license for Corel essential stuff (cheap) Now i'm capable to work with GIMP, and it took me a lot of time, but I still prefer the Corel 'Whatever' Suit
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