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  1. yeah, this was me who had the problem, i tried the small and tiny map, they work fine, but anything larger then that is unplayable
  2. yea it doesnt work, i have already tried it.. thanks anyway
  3. when will it come to mod.io? since i can't get it started with the manual install
  4. where can i find it? or do i need to reinstall millenium?
  5. hm, it seems that the old version works, but not the new one. mabe its something wrong with the zipped file?
  6. ah, I've seen it now and tried the one he linked, it's a zip filed, so I unziped it and put it in the =.ad files in mod, still doesnt work
  7. i can't make it work, i have downloaded subscribed it and downloaded it, but it just doesnt work
  8. is formation mod and balancing mod the same?
  9. yea, i subscribed it and downloaded it via the 0 A.D. mod setting screen
  10. hi, I saw on mod.io that there is a mod called balancing mod, wich I thought looked good. now, the problem is that i just can't get it to work, i have tried to download it through mod.io and manually, jsut dont want to work, can anyone pls help me?
  11. really love the mod though, but will they be able to make some sort of farm or a dock. is the only food source cattle or bushes and hunting?
  12. Is it possible to be at war with a Ai bot and then later become neutral? I have seen the Bots do this But i have not managed to do this myself.
  13. Hello! just wondering when the new stable and blacksmith might be released, I saw a while back you were working on it and was wondering when this will join the game
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